Учимся фотографировать детей вместе с Joey Ikemoto.

Учимся фотографировать детей вместе с Joey Ikemoto.

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Учимся фотографировать детей вместе с Joey Ikemoto.

Учимся фотографировать детей вместе с Joey Ikemoto.

A Day in the Studio Shooting Children's Portraiture

Производитель: ShootSmarter.com
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Автор: Joey Ikemoto
Продолжительность: 1 час
Формат: MOV
Размер: 338.5 MB

Описание на Английском:

A simply amazing day with Joey Ikemoto in his million-dollar studio in lovely Torrance, CA. From the studio tour, to a few real client shoots of babies and little kids, to no baloney interviews and discussions about pricing, marketing and getting new clients in the door, Joey and host Will Crockett reveals the magic behind this profitable studio. If you shoot kids, or want to shoot kids, you will pick up tip after tip in this hour long DVD video.

Here's what's inside:
Chapter ONE: Studio tour. Joey welcomes in Will Crockett and gives him a tour of the well-designed sales room, studios, and more.
Chapter TWO: Marketing To Clients. How does Joey bring in new customers? What are the pricing structures? How does his "Kids Club" work? All this and more is in this chapter.
Chapter THREE: Photographing Infants. Joey is a MASTER of the quick, painless, and profitable baby portrait. See how he works with baby and Mom to get the smiles that sell as we tape a real client shoot in action.
Chapter FOUR: High Key Setup. High key lighting sells well and is easy to produce. Joey shows us his "permanent" high key set and how it's lit. You will enjoy the efficiency of how this photographer works.
Chapter FIVE: Photographing Toddlers. Watch as Joey uses his fun and easy-to-learn techniques for getting tots to smile on the set as we tape an entire session.
Chapter SIX: Discussing Business. Joey and Will share the insight that has built this top-notch studio. Topics covered include baby panels, average customer sales, upselling to Kids Club and much more.
Chapter SEVEN: The Production Area. See where the files go after the shoot and how they flow through this simple and profitable section of the studio located in the second floor above the shooting area. Joey shows us the printers, canvas stretchers and spray room.
Chapter EIGHT: The Printing Process. Joey is a rare photographer who does not use a lab. Instead he keeps a series of Epson inkjet printers rolling along to print everything in-house. Production manager Beth Wilmot shows us the actual printing of customer files, lamination of the prints and how they individually ID each print so a customer can call back to re-order with ease. Sweet!
Chapter NINE: Photographing a Young Child. This fascinating chapter is a real shoot taped in "real time" so you can see the fluid methods of getting little Jenny to smile and pose like a star on only her second visit to the studio.


A Day in the Studio Shooting Children's Portraiture with Joey Ikemoto.zip

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Было уже. Кстати не очень интересно...

Было уже

есть такие уроки с титрами на русском. а так очень для ограниченного числа людей.

Если это тоже самое, что уже было, то это не уроки, а просто видео про этого Joey Ikemoto и его студию. Ровным счётом ничего полезного.


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