Pixi Icons - CM 1272556

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Pixi Icons - CM 1272556

Pixi Icons - CM 1272556

Simple. Efficient. Beautiful. A modern icon set with personality to spare. Pixi is a friendly and versatile icon set. Sturdy line weights and bold shapes ensure legibility at small sizes, while the symbol’s warm personality shines through in larger applications. Finely crafted, comprehensive, and perfect for your next project. Years in the making, each icon shares a consistent visual language allowing you to mix and match from any category. Whether you're working on a website, an app, a presentation or poster, Pixi is up for the challenge. And don't worry, you won't find 50 variations of the same icon – no filler here! A full preview of all icons can be found on last the image.

------------------------ СКАЧАТЬ С NITROFLARE.COM ------------------------

------------------------ СКАЧАТЬ С LITTLEBYTE.NET ------------------------

------------------------ СКАЧАТЬ С UPLOADCLOUD.PRO ------------------------

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