CM - Procreate Brushes: Artist's Megapack - 2111100

CM - Procreate Brushes: Artist's Megapack - 2111100
.brush for iPad | 175 Mb

These brushes are ONLY compatible with Procreate App for iPad. They won't work in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.
Hey artists and art lovers! I'm very excited to introduce you to my Artist's MEGAPACK for Procreate and iPad Pro. This pack contains over 100 custom Procreate brushes for drawing and painting, featuring realistic textures like watercolor, charcoal, ink, oil paint, and more.
Drawing/Art is probably my favorite thing in the world, so I spent many hours building up brushes with just the right feel and effect.

101 Custom Procreate .Brush files
60 Artist Collection Brushes
41 Watercolor Collection Brushes
Printable PDF of Brush Swatches for reference

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