CM - Robot Avatar Builder - 1960515

CM - Robot Avatar Builder - 1960515
Ai, PSD, PNG, JPG | 44 MB

Piece together your personalized robot army with billions of unique combinations. The possibilities are practically endless! Perfect for any occasion requiring some cartoon humor and fun! The Robot Avatar Kit features loads of high quality vector pieces and parts that you can mix and match, customize, and create an unlimited amount of robotic creations. Why use the same boring avatar when you can make your mark in way that’s distinctive and attention grabbing?

But the fun doesn’t end at just crating avatars. There’s so much more you can do…
Creating personalized stationery, invitations, and party favors
Designing and cutting out paper masks for kids
Adding some fun to your blog or newsletter
Printing custom t-shirts and accessories
Making imaginative product designs and packaging
Printing decorative stickers for your notebooks, planner, or vehicle
Designing warning signs to alert others to the inevitable robot uprising
Making fun family projects -- kids will love to create their own robotic creation (adults too..)

Adobe Illustrator CS3+ Files in color and black and white line art Adobe Photoshop CS3+ Files in color and black and white line art Transparent PNG Files in color and black and white line art

72 head shapes
146 eyes
60 mouths
108 antennae

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