CM - AL's Vintage Picture Automator - 2122207

CM - AL's Vintage Picture Automator - 2122207
PSD | 3.5 Gb

AL's Vintage Picture Automator is my go to tool . I choose to use if i have to create pictures with a authentic worn out vintage look. When i made it sampled colours and textures from old Photographs, Books and Papers so i could achive the right look.

What you get:
2 x AL's Vintage Picture Automator PSD files (4500x3000px Landscape & Portrait)
2 x AL's Vintage Picture Automator Small PSD files (3000x2000px Landscape & Portrait)
Resolution: 300 DPI
File Type: PSD

Because of their huge file sizes 1.5 GB each. It Can be tough for some computers to run them therefore. Have i included 2 Small version with all the same layers but just in 3000 x 2000 Pixels

Whats is there in the files:

Textures and Gradients:
11 x Wornout Grain textures
10 x Dirty Grain textures
5 x Basic Grain textures
28 x Gradients overlays
8 x Wornout Surface & Edges textures
6 x Dirty Overlay 1 textures
9 x Dirty Overlay 2 textures
11 x Dusty Overlay textures
18 x Splatter Ink Overlay textures

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