CM - AI Charcoal brushes 2231538

CM - AI Charcoal brushes 2231538
AI Charcoal brushes
Ai EPS | 22 MB RAR

You'll get a library of 170 pressure sensitive, charcoal brushes for Adobe Illustrator CS5 or higher, that will help you give your vector artwork a natural hand-drawn look. They are based on actual charcoal vine, stick and pencil strokes; as such they have varying degrees of texture and thickness. These brushes are also thought and crafted to suit different path lengths.
1 brush library:
170 charcoal brushes
Pressure sensitive
Easy to change color and weight
1 Cheat sheet. It´s an .eps file, vector graphics:
It contains 170 vector objects, charcoal vine and pencil strokes of different lenghts. These objects match the charcoal brushes on the brush library you're receiving

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