ReactSymbols 1.1.0 - React.js & Sketch - CM 2092759

ReactSymbols 1.1.0 - React.js & Sketch - CM 2092759

ReactSymbols 1.1.0 - React.js & Sketch - CM 2092759

Pixel perfect UI Kit & Library in ready-to-use components for ReactJS + Sketch resources. 17 Ready to use components for ReactJS | 39 Predefined colors and gradients | Detailed documentation for each component | Full setup video and text tutorial | Customisable colour theme of the whole UI Kit | SASS files | Typescript support | Font Awesome and Material icons support | Sketch files (from Symbols & Styleguides) | FREE lifetime support | FREE future updates | And it's ready for use in commercial project ... ReactSymbols is all about ReactJS UI components. You’ll find most of the elements that you already know from Symbols & Styleguides or Dashboard UI Kit package coded into React. All types of buttons, labels, tabs, inputs and much more to make sure that you get the main coverage of all the frequently used UI elements across the web spectrum. Each component is build with endless possibilities to give you a freedom to change easily every aspect. For example buttons comes in 3 sizes, all validation states, with properties for icons, border radius, colour, label and many more. All properties are obviously nicely listed in our Documentation.

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