CM - Outer Limits - Acrylic Pour Texture - 2371604

CM - Outer Limits - Acrylic Pour Texture - 2371604
JPG, PNG, TIFF | 1.94 Gb

Outer Limits Acrylic Pour and more! This is a special pour which was done in early July of 2017. Hubby and I created this together. To make this story short, hubby was hospitalized for 16 days. As he recovered, I thought it would be great for him to try a little painting. Although he did not do the actual painting, he did have the choice of colors and how I was to paint it. We decided the original will always stay with us, but it would be nice to share with you all!
The original pour for this painting is on a 12 x 12 canvas. It was scanned at 600 dpi and recreated with Photoshop and saved at 300 dpi.
With the paint drippings, I swiped the paper and scanned those pieces at 600 DPI. The front and back designs give a little more fun-ness to this package. I also scan parts of the cup I use in the pour. This gives you more pieces to create some spectacular designs such as business cards, tote bags, and other outer space projects!

With Outer Limits package you will receive:
Outer Limits Original Pour - 300 dpi
• 1 - 9x12 JPG, PNG, TIFF
• 1 – 12x12 JPG, PNG, TFF
• 1 – 15.15 JPG, PNG, TIFF

Paper 5x7 - 300 dpi
• 8 – JPG, PNG, TIFF

Cup 5x7 - 300 dpi
• 1 – JPG, PNG, TIFF

Circle 12x12 - 300 dpi
• 1 – JPG, PNG, TIFF

Black and White 5x7 300 dpi
• 1 each JPG of 8 papers, 1 cup, and 1 circle

Drips - 300 dpi
• 1 – 12x12 JPG • 1 – 15x15 JPG
Total files included: 40

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