CM - 120 Watercolor PS Brushes - 2443359

CM - 120 Watercolor PS Brushes - 2443359
ABR, ASL | 105 Mb

I would like to introduce my Watercolor Brushes. It is a set of 120 stamp Photoshop brushes with watercolor texture. You can quickly create an interesting and trendy design using these brushes. All the stains were drawn by hand, selected and carefully digitized.

BONUS: You will have 15 Photoshop layer styles that will be an excellent addition to the basic set.

You can use these brushes to realize your wildest ideas in design. Apply brushes for creativity and professional purposes. The product is suitable for cool clothes prints, wedding invitations and cards, cosmetic branding and packaging, fashion and advertising.

ABR file with 120 Photoshop stamp Watercolor brushes
ASL file with 15 Bonus Watercolor layer styles

ATTENTION: You need Adobe Photoshop CS5 or higher to use the brushes. You can download 5 free brushes of the set and try them.

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