E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

PlantFactory - это передовое средство 3d моделирования, анимации и рендеринга трехмерной растительности.Очень высокая реалистичьность созданных растительных объектов, впечатляет, и всегда актуально. Программа может быть не заменимым инструментом, в проектировании и создании уникального ландшафтного дизайна и создании растительных пейзажей для кинофильма. Разработан специально для CG, SFX, архитектурных и игровых сообществ.

Программа позволяет создавать любую растительность, от мелкой травы до очень величественных деревьев. Уникальную по форме и цвету растительность можно собрать из простых строительных блоков. В программе возможно генерировать процедурную геометрию и материалы неограниченной детальности. Все элементы растения поддаются анимированию, используя готовые алгоритмы ветра и бриза. PlantFactory поможет реализовать растительность для компоновки внутри вашего проекта или для использования на афишах. Расширяйте свою библиотеку через TPF Nursery.

PlantFactory - this advanced tool 3d modeling, animation and rendering of three-dimensional high rastitelnosti.Ochen realistichnost established plant facilities, impressive and always true. The program may not be replaceable tool in the design and creation of a unique landscape design and creation of plant scenery for the film. Designed specifically for CG, SFX, architectural and gaming communities. The program allows you to create any vegetation, from small to very grass majestic trees. The unique shape and color of the vegetation can be assembled from simple building blocks. The program may generate procedural geometry and materials of unlimited detail. All the elements of a plant susceptible animation, using ready-made algorithms and the wind breeze. PlantFactory help realize the vegetation to build inside your project or for use on posters. Expand your library by TPF Nursery.

Программа может работать в сочетании с E-on Vue xStream, в итоге вы сможете изменять растительность, через инструментарий Vue.

Возможности программы:

Generate plant geometry as Quads
Merge branch geometry using Subdivision Surfaces (requires Quad geometry)
Multiple meshing algorithms using triangles or quads, with optional adaptive density and manual density control
More control over mesh density of individual parts of the plant
Use as second UV layer to add detail maps
Use double-sided materials, e.g. for the front/back of leaves

19 new plant species
44 simple tutorial scenes explaining specific settings
Redesigned content, optimized for the new wind
Preset material library

User Experience
Redesigned interface and workflow for an improved "new-user" experience
Trunk, Branch, Twig, Stem, Leaf and Billboard framework nodes help you get going fast
Basic and Advanced workspaces, adapted for newcomers and power users
Edit the same parameter for several nodes simultaneously
Simplified material creation using the new Basic Material Editor with standard channels for diffuse, alpha, normals and detail maps

Export meshes using Alembic .ABC format (Ogawa v1.5 and HDF5 v1.0)
Send portions of plant to ZBrush for sculpting, then back to PlantFactory (using GoZ)
Export materials using Walt Disney Animation's Ptex standard
Export plants as multiple meshes (i.e. one mesh per node)
Clean exports thanks to automatic merging of duplicate points
Custom tailored FBX export preset for Unity 5

New ultra-realistic wind animation model
Standardized wind animation for both real-time and offline rendering
New optimnized "Leaf" Node to easily add animated leaves to your plants

New lightweight Simple Segment node for small branches and twigs; can be switched to Advanced Segment easily when necessary
New Random Range node to create random values depending on the plant seed (ideal to easily create diversity with one single plant graph)
New Node presets for the Segment and Leaf nodes
Automatic hiding of Control nodes in the graph, for improved legibility

Что нового в этой версии

What's New in PlantFactory 2016 R6
Stylized Meshing Mode
The new Stylized meshing mode allows you to quickly and automatically generate a low polygon envelope version of your vegetation model.
This new option allows you to export your models with a small polygon footprint, yet retaining the actual vegetation visual volume. Load the envelope version of your model while working on your scene; switch to highest resolution mesh before rendering.
Envelope resolution, smoothing and convexity quality is user configurable, from none - to get ultra-sharp edged meshes, to ultra-smooth - for more balloony results.
Stylized Meshing mode can also be used creatively to produce non-photorealistic vegetation.
3-Axis Billboard Leaves Rotation
Using Billboard leaves is ideal when working for Real-Time engines, or, in an offline workflow, to create low polygon plants to be seen from a distance. (Billboard leaves are perfect for VUE EcoSystem populations for instance).
PlantFactory 2016 R2 now introduces 3-Axis Billboard Leaves Rotation.
Quick and easy to set up, this new feature is perfect to avoid any obvious linear visual pattern, by letting you add slight randomization to your leaves axis rotation.
Use this option to immediately add more realism to your vegetation models.

What's New in PlantFactory 2016

Growth Simulation
- Easily generate geometry using a biologically inspired growth simulation
- Handles parameters such as growth, duration, shadow sensitivity, apical development etc.
- Once applied, this basically becomes a "Grow me a tree" button
Preset Variations
PlantFactory 2015 introduced the concept of Presets. PlantFactory 2016 now introduces the concept of Preset Variations(3).
Preset Variations allow you to immediately include subtle differences to your plant (change the number of buds on a blooming flower, or its petal colors for instance).
This new feature allows you to easily add variety to create realistic environments with one single plant species!
Level Of Detail (LOD)
PlantFactory now offers the ability to configure the level of detail in a plant model.

Once you have set the number of LODs you need, there are 3 ways to configure them:

1. Let PlantFactory automatically decimate the geometry for you
2. Set the behavior of each node in your plant graph depending on the LOD
3. Use the LOD selector node to set a different plant graph per LOD

Global LOD options let you select the type of geometry for Offline rendering or Real-time engines and control different aspect of your species LODs:

- The number of LODs and their distribution rules (depending on plant size on screen)
- The meshing type: Triangles, Quads or both
- Manual, Automatic Adaptive or Uniform subdivision
- Use LODs when rendering (the plant mesh used for rendering will be chosen using LOD rules)
- Optimize your LODs for use in VUE's EcoSystems
- And more...
Once set, you can export each LOD geometry independently to many standard file formats.
Finally, VUE, Carbon Scatter and Bentley LumenRT Connect Edition will automatically use the LODs set in your .tpf files, without requiring you to export the plant.
Additional Edition Parameters

Some new parameters were added in the Segment node to further help you customize your plant designs:

- Minimum length
- Branch distribution as absolute
- Texture mapping applied from branch top
- Interaction with ground

Образцы базовых форм растительности, которые присутствую в программе / Samples of the basic forms of vegetation that are present in the program

E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

Образцы растительности смоделированные в программе из базовых форм / Vegetation samples modeled in the program from basic forms

E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

Процедура активации ключом / Activation procedure key:

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E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

Системные требования:

Windows Windows 7/Windows 8 (только 64 bit)
Видеокарта GTX470 / HD6950, с 1GB+ видео памяти
Поддержка Shader model 4 строго обязательна
Процессор Core i5 или более производительный
Оперативной памяти не менее 4GB
Свободного места на диске 4GB

Обзорное видео по возможностям программы

Информация о программе (файле):

Название: E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016
Разработчик E-onsoftware.com
Ключ: патч
Размер: 782 Мб
Версия: R6 Build 602470
Год выпуска: 2018
Тип файла: RAR архив
Язык интерфейса: Ml / Eng & etc
Операционная система: Windows® /7/8/10 (x64)

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Download|Скачать томами E-on PlantFactory Producer 2016 R6 Build 602470

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