Noah font family

Noah font family

Noah™ font family
72x .OTF, .TTF | multilingual | cyrillic | Feb 5, 2019 | prew | 19 MB

Noah™ is not just another geometric sans but rather extending the limits of the x-height for a further flexibility of a typeface. This type family encompasses 72 fonts grouped into four subfamilies with different x-heights — starting from the lowest one Noah Grotesque through Noah and Noah Text to the highest one Noah Head — all they including styles from Thin to Black with matching true italics.
The underlying flawless functionality show coverage of Extended Latin and Cyrillic with span for more than 130 languages; support of many OpenType features, such as localizations, tabular numerals, inferiors and superiors, numerators and denominators, fractions, standard and discretionary ligatures, case sensitivity etc.

• Over 650 glyphs in 72 styles (Thin to Black)
• Extended Latin and Cyrillic scripts for more than 130 languages;
• 4 different x-heights;
• Normal width proportions;
• Moderate contrast and vertical stress;
• Geometric characteristics and terminals with humanistic flavor.

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