KelbyOne - Professional Portrait Retouching with Scott Kelby (3 Course Bundle)

KelbyOne - Professional Portrait Retouching with Scott Kelby (3 Course Bundle)

KelbyOne - Professional Portrait Retouching with Scott Kelby (3 Course Bundle)

Product Highlights

Tutorial on Complete Retouching Workflow
Hosted by Photographer, Scott Kelby
Tips and Tools Specific to Portraiture
Emphasis on Speed and Efficiency
Three Parts, Total Run Time: 289 Minutes
For Mac and Windows Operating Systems

Showcasing a complete post-processing workflow for portraiture, Professional Portrait Retouching from KelbyOne is a three-part course led by renowned photographer and educator, Scott Kelby. Split into dedicated sections, the first part of this tutorial focuses on a variety of aspects relating to retouching eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows. The second portion of the course highlights specific step-by-step techniques for retouching skin and removing blemishes. The final section covers a range of topics relating to hair, other facial elements, clothes, and general body retouching. Beyond the specific tools and techniques presented, Kelby's other main focus with this series of tutorials is to emphasize speed and results for the most efficient retouching process possible.

Course Lessons
Part One:
1. Eyebrow Trimming
2. Darkening the Eyebrows
3. Fixing Deep Eyes
4. Whitening the Eyes
5. Upper Eyelashes
6. Lower Eyelashes
7. Removing Redness
8. Adding a Kicker Light
9. Creating Catch Lights
10. Enhancing Catch Lights
11. Eye Enlargements
12. Changing Eye Color
13. Adding Contrast
14. Darkening the Iris
15. Sharpening the Eyes

Part Two:
1. Removing Blemishes
2. Skin Softening
3. Skin Sharpening
4. Removing Dark Circles
5. Creating Porcelain Skin
6. Removing Hotspots
7. Removing Stubble
8. Getting the Modern, Desaturated Look
9. Skin Sharpening in Men vs. Women

Part Three:
1. Adding Hair Highlights
2. Fixing Gaps in Hair
3. Removing Stray Hairs
4. Finding Stray Hairs & Sensor Dust
5. Darkening the Hair
6. Sculpting the Face
7. Modifying the Nose
8. Sculpting with Dodging & Burning
9. Retouching Teeth
10. Retouching Lips
11. Retouching Clothes
12. Body Slimming
13. Retouching from Start to Finish

Home Page - https://members.kelbyone.com/course/kelby_retouch1/


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