Powder Photoshop Brush Collection + Tutorial

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Powder Photoshop Brush Collection + Tutorial
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Powder sessions have become all the rage but they are a huge time investment… Now you can offer your clients awesome powder explosion images in no time… and without having to create a huge mess!!

Download our custom Photoshop powder brushes to start creating unique, mind-blowing images for your clients! Set yourself apart from your competition…

If you’ve ever attempted a powder session you know how hard it can be to capture just the perfect amount of powder around your subject. If you have too much powder, parents complain they can’t see their child well enough, if you don’t get enough explosion, well then it just looks weak. If you happen to capture just the right amount then the subject is probably making a weird face. With these custom powder brushes and overlays you can photograph your subject as if the powder was there and then add the perfect explosion in photoshop! Included in the instant download is a full tutorial for creating awesome powder explosions in photoshop!

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