600+ Glamour Photos: a Full Guide to Posing, Lighting and Styling for Photographers

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600+ Glamour Photos: a Full Guide to Posing, Lighting and Styling for Photographers

This guide will show you over 600 poses, styles and ideas which you can copy, or use as a springboard for new images.The starting chapters will show you the basic recipes of lighting and posing that you can easily setup yourself and use as your starting block for any image.The styling sections then cover different glamour scenarios, such as clothes styling, location shoots, studio work and so on. In each section you are given an introduction to tips, techniques and poses that you can use in these setups.Guiding your girls through similar setups will maximise your posing, minimise your time and increase your professionalism.This section with take you through the core features of posing and lighting glamour photosFirstly we will talk about the elements that makes a glamour shot.Then we will discuss basic lighting techniques, a section that you can apply to any portraiture, then more specifically how to light bums and breasts. We will talk a little about the lighting equipment you will find most useful.Next we learn how to avoid the biggest mistake most photographers make.Then we will move into an extensive section on posing, how to tune poses to move from an OK, but not very good pose, to a perfectly tuned and sexy pose. You will learn how to make the most of a models best features.Finally we move into the major section - over 600 glamour shots covering all sorts of sets, styles, girls, locations, clothes and so much more.By the end of this section you will seen so many ideas, poses and styles that you can keep yourself happy shooting glamour for years, everything you need to go to the next level.You will learn:
The basic posing rules.
How to sequence poses for best use of time.
How to direct models.
How to use props and furniture.

Название: 600+ Glamour Photos: a Full Guide to Posing, Lighting and Styling for Photographers
Автор: Walden S.
Издательство: A FilmPhotoAcademy Book
Год: 2013
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 946
Размер: 108 Mb
Язык: English

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