77 the Best Video Tutorials for Photographers from Photo Monster

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77 the Best Video Tutorials for Photographers from Photo Monster

77 the Best Video Tutorials for Photographers from Photo Monster

These are useful hands-on video tutorials on taking photos, processing photos in Adobe Photoshop, and working in Adobe Lightroom. Tips and tricks will greatly help any photographer - a beginner or even a professional!

Here are the lessons included in the video collection:

Section 1: Taking Pictures:
-Simple effects without Photoshop;
- Shooting in the style of Pin-Up;
- Shooting a portrait in the style of Beauty;
- Pulsed light and small depth of field;
- Shooting clothes for the catalog;
- The most budgetary light for the photographer;
- Shooting a portrait with a reflector;
- Portrait with soft lighting;
- An overview of the budget Falcon Eyes kit;
- Overview of a budget lighting kit;
- Shooting with a portrait plate;
- Shooting a stack with Magic Lantern;
- Shooting a contrast portrait;
- Overview of the TTL monoblock ProFoto B1;
- How to shoot people with a Christmas tree;
- Take a portrait on a black background # 1;
- How to photograph smoke;
- The basics of working with constant light;
- How to start shooting a subject ?;
- How to take a self portrait;
- How to shoot a contrasting dramatic portrait;

Section 2: Processing photos in Photoshop:
-How to get a white background in Photoshop;
- Life hack to adjust the white balance;
- Processing photos in the genre of nudes;
- New in Photoshop CC. Camera Raw Filter;
- Processing a winter landscape;
- Processing photos with clouds;
- Processing of landscape photography;
- Martian method;
- sharpening noisy photos;
- Landscape processing in Photoshop CC 2014;
- Why is the color different ?;
- Effect Technicolor 2-stripe;
- Processing of the city landscape;
- Processing and toning in Camera Raw;
- Double conversion from RAW;
- Photo processing in Camera Raw;
- Kuler for Photoshop CC 2014;
- Retouch skin in Camera Raw;
- Useful scripts for Photoshop;
- Processing photos ACR + PS;
- Automation of setting white balance 2.0;
- Setting the brightness contrast in Camera Raw;
- Processing photos from the open air;
- Retouching hair on a uniform background;
- Losses when converting to Lab and vice versa;
- Processing of sunset photos in ACR;
- Simple processing of the "subject";
- Automate the installation of color balance;
- Selective saturation enhancement;
- Familiarity with the adjustment layers;
- Selection of parameters for frequency decomposition;
- New in Photoshop CC. Smart Sharpen;
- Photoshop - how the color is formed;
- Additional language packs in Photoshop;
- New in Photoshop CC. Smart Filter Plastic;
- Toning color fill;
- The effect of lomography;
- Alignment of the background in studio photography;
- Adaptive wide angle;
- How to get rid of haze in LAB;
- Life hack on white balance in Camera Raw;

Section 3: Working in Adobe Lightroom:
-Color correction of wedding photography;
- Fashionable tinting in Lightroom;
- Installation of presets in Lightroom;
- We make a white background in Lightroom;
- How to get a black background in Lightroom;
- Improving the photo with the sky in Lightroom;
- Strengthening color variations in Lightroom;
- Processing using the HDR Efex Pro plugin;
- Toning in Lightroom;
- Processing in the style of the film "Guardian of Time";
- Corrective brush. Flow and Density;
- Installing plugins in Lightroom;
- Why does the color change;
- Export photos from Lightroom;
- Black and white photo in Lightroom.

1st bonus - “14 actions for retouching complete with 6 video lessons”
2nd bonus - “Recording of the master class“ Working with portable flash units ”
3rd bonus - “Secrets of budget photography of glass objects”
4th bonus - “Panel for quick retouching + 5 video lessons

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