Maxwellzone - Basics and Beyond

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Maxwellzone - Basics and Beyond

Maxwellzone - Basics and Beyond

Basics & Beyond

Basics & Beyond course
By Maxwellzone

This Maxwell Render course spans over 25 hours of video. I have tried to not just repeat in video form what you can already find in the manual, but explain in a logical order the technicalities of rendering with Maxwell and also cover more general topics, to help you create compelling imagery.


I will go through the fundamental lighting principles which are crucial to understand and be aware of if you want to create interesting imagery, regardless if you use Maxwell, another renderer or a DSLR, or wish to create product shots, jewelry or archviz renders.

Creating materials

Having a good understanding of Maxwells material editor is key to creating realistic renders. I take a logical approach to explaining the parameters, not in the order they are listed but in the order that makes sense for you to understand the relationship between the different parameters. Along the way I explain how to create a few typical materials, Layer blending, mixing materials with emitters and lots more.

Channels, Post-production, Network rendering

I will go through a few of the channels Maxwell offers, and show you how to render and composite a typical example of a render with reflections and shadows on an arbitrary background. The post-production chapters will show you a quick way to tweak the render using Adobe's Camera Raw, then a more comprehensive example using custom alphas, Smart Objects in Photoshop, an extensive look at gamma...and a few important tips regarding Network Rendering.



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Maxwelzone_-_Basics_and_Beyond - (10 x 1.41 GB)
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