FilmEditingPro - The Art of Trailer Editing

FilmEditingPro - The Art of Trailer Editing

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FilmEditingPro - The Art of Trailer Editing

FilmEditingPro - The Art of Trailer Editing

A Step-by-Step Training Course from Real Hollywood Pros

Get a unique opportunity to learn exactly how a professional trailer editor works.

40+ 1080p HD Tutorials
Over five hours of training showing you how to cut a trailer.
Practice Footage with Audio Splits
Cut your own trailer along with us in a hands-on project.
Professional Graphics & Scripts
Custom scripts and graphics to enhance your cut.
Huge Music and Sound Library
Over 950 pieces of trailer music cues and sound FX
In-Depth Lessons for Every Genre
Techniques for drama, action, horror, suspense and comedy.
Learn With Your Own Software
We teach creative techniques so you can us almost any program.



Module_0_-_Downloads - (12 x 1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part01.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part02.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part03.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part04.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part05.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part06.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part07.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part08.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part09.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part10.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part11.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part12.rar from nitroflare.com (1.97 GB)
Download Module_1_-_Welcome.rar from nitroflare.com (49.01 MB)
Download Module_2_Introduction_To_Trailer_Editing.rar from nitroflare.com (186.92 MB)
Download Module_3_Planning_A_Trailer.rar from nitroflare.com (260.72 MB)
Download Module_4_Essential_Trailer_Editing_Techniques.rar from nitroflare.com (603.68 MB)
Download Module_5_Drama_Trailer_Editing_Techniques.rar from nitroflare.com (384.86 MB)
Download Module_6_Comedy_Trailer_Editing_Techniques.rar from nitroflare.com (336.11 MB)
Download Module_7_Action_Trailer_Editing_Techniques.rar from nitroflare.com (367.17 MB)
Download Module_8_Suspense__amp__Horror_Trailer_Editing_Techniques.rar from nitroflare.com (403.24 MB)
Download Module_9_The_Editing_Workshop.rar from nitroflare.com (1.38 GB)
Download Module_10_Wrap_Up.rar from nitroflare.com (22.29 MB)
Download Module_11_Bonus.rar from nitroflare.com (52.98 MB)
Module_12_Editor_Interviews - (2 x 1.57 GB)
Download Module_12_Editor_Interviews.part1.rar from nitroflare.com (1.57 GB)
Download Module_12_Editor_Interviews.part2.rar from nitroflare.com (1.57 GB)

Module_0_-_Downloads - (12 x 1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part01.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part02.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part03.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part04.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part05.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part06.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part07.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part08.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part09.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part10.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part11.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_0_-_Downloads.part12.rar from turbobit.net (1.97 GB)
Download Module_1_-_Welcome.rar from turbobit.net (49.01 MB)
Download Module_2_Introduction_To_Trailer_Editing.rar from turbobit.net (186.92 MB)
Download Module_3_Planning_A_Trailer.rar from turbobit.net (260.72 MB)
Download Module_4_Essential_Trailer_Editing_Techniques.rar from turbobit.net (603.68 MB)
Download Module_5_Drama_Trailer_Editing_Techniques.rar from turbobit.net (384.86 MB)
Download Module_6_Comedy_Trailer_Editing_Techniques.rar from turbobit.net (336.11 MB)
Download Module_7_Action_Trailer_Editing_Techniques.rar from turbobit.net (367.17 MB)
Download Module_8_Suspense__amp__Horror_Trailer_Editing_Techniques.rar from turbobit.net (403.24 MB)
Download Module_9_The_Editing_Workshop.rar from turbobit.net (1.38 GB)
Download Module_10_Wrap_Up.rar from turbobit.net (22.29 MB)
Download Module_11_Bonus.rar from turbobit.net (52.98 MB)
Module_12_Editor_Interviews - (2 x 1.57 GB)
Download Module_12_Editor_Interviews.part1.rar from turbobit.net (1.57 GB)
Download Module_12_Editor_Interviews.part2.rar from turbobit.net (1.57 GB)

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