Basic Beauty Retouch 101 – RetutPro

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Basic Beauty Retouch 101 – RetutPro

Basic Beauty Retouch 101 – RetutPro

You’re probably not a tech-savvy hipster. All you want to know is how to get your images looking like they belong in Cosmo, or Elle, or even – let’s get crazy with this hypothetical – Vogue. Yes, that’s right. You’re good enough.

Basic Beauty Retouching is the first part to getting you there. Divided into 7 sections, you’ll get 22 lectures to learning the essentials (and all the automatic short-cuts) to achieving high quality retouching.

You’ll get 90+ minutes to learning how to prepare your image (help layers, anyone?), how to do basic skin retouching, paint with light, create virtual make-up, and finalize your touch-ups. And after watching them all, you’ll have a strong, no non-sense workflow that’ll completely change your photography.

You’ll be making magazine-cover quality images, again and again.

Photography & Light Setup
In our first section, we’re going to discuss all thoughts behind this project. We will also go through a complete light diagram and talk briefly about all light modifiers.

In this section, we will start out with the basic raw conversion. Taking our image from raw to a smart object in Photoshop. We will then apply a help / reference layer for later use.

Basic retouching
In our second section we will concentrate on facial expression & Basic skin retouching. We’re starting out by using the liquefying tool for most body corrections. Then clean up the skin with the healing & cloning tools to achieve a soft skin.

Skin Retouching
In our advanced skin retouching section, our aim is to add a complete new skin to our basic skin pallet. Once we have managed to do that, we will be working with some creative filters & mask to apply the new skin.

Dodge & Burn
Section five, also known as the painting with light process. In this section we will apply a grey layer to our PSD file and paint / brush out all uneven skin tones. We’re also going to use this technique to darken and lighten skin tones.

Virtual Make-up
For our second last section, we’re adding another sparkle. We will brighten up the eyes and apply some make-up and putting some final touches for skin color & tones.

Final Touch-up
In our last section, we will be working with some creative plugins & filters, in order to achieve two different looks. One will be a more glamorous look with a very soft skin. The other will be a high key look, with a very white and bright skin. (This is not a must, it can all be adjusted to your taste)




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