Gnomon - Vehicle Design with Alex Jaeger Volume 2

Gnomon - Vehicle Design with Alex Jaeger Volume 2

Gnomon - Vehicle Design with Alex Jaeger Volume 2

Gnomon - Vehicle Design with Alex Jaeger Volume 2

In this series, Alex Jaeger demonstrates his process for designing a futuristic military vehicle based on descriptions from a science fiction screenplay. In this second volume, with an emphasis on the production pipeline, he shows how to break down a three-quarter view of a vehicle design into orthographic views for a 3D modeler, and then demonstrates the process for rendering that three-quarter view into a final presentation piece in Adobe Photoshop®. Alex begins with the side orthographic view, showing you exactly how to correctly measure and position each element from your design. He leads you through his workflow to then create top, front, and back views, as well as alternates for "on-road" and "off-road" modes. Throughout the orthographic demo, Alex focuses on keeping the design accurate, well organized and easy for a 3D modeler to "read". He then moves on to rendering the three-quarter view in Photoshop, adding details to the line drawing and finishing with color, lighting, graphics, photo-textures, scale cues and atmosphere to present the vehicle in its world and bring the final design to life.

Topics covered:
From 3/4 View to Side View
From Side View to Top View
From top view to front view
From front view to back view
Alternate side view
Finished orthos
Detailing the 3/4 view
Rendering the 3/4 view

Side View
Top View
Front View
Back View
Alternate Side View
Shading the Orthos
Ortho Notes
3/4 View Detailing
3/4 View Rendering Start
Using Photo Textures
Lighting Effects
Final Rendering

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