Matthew Archambault - How To Draw Fabric A Layered Approach

Matthew Archambault - How To Draw Fabric A Layered Approach

Do you struggle with drawing clothing and fabric? Do you need to draw realistic unique clothing for your characters? If this sounds like you then this DVD will teach what you need to know concerning How To Draw Fabric.
Being able to draw believable clothing for your own illustrations or comic art is a must. You cannot fake it. Learn the proper techniques in this DVD that will bring your drawings up to the next level. Who can benefit from this DVD? Well just about anyone who needs to draw people with clothing on. Illustrators, Comic Book Artists, Animators and Fine Artist.
The chapters are as follows, 1. Introduction 2. Simple Fabric 3. Not So Simple Fabric 4. A Very Complicated Dress 5. The Finished Drawing 6. Closing 7. Slideshow. Matt gives to you his eighteen years worth of professional experience working as a freelance illustrator. He will take you through his layered approach thought process teaching you the secrets he has learned from rendering fabric and clothing for hundreds of book covers.

Год выпуска: Неизвестно
Страна: США / USA
Жанр: обучающее видео
Продолжительность: 02:58
Язык: английский
Размер:829 MB

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