CG Cookie - Exclusive: Creating a Fire Dragon with FumeFX

CG Cookie - Exclusive: Creating a Fire Dragon with FumeFX

Software Used: 3ds Max | Resolution: 956x538(.flv) | Audio: mp3 128 Kbps
Completion Time: 2 hrs. 44 min. | Genre: eLearning | Difficulty: Advanced
Language: English | Instructor: Alessandro Cangelosi

Видеоуроки для пользователей 3ds max, в которых предоставлена возможность узнать больше о FumeFX. В течении трех курсов будет показано как использовать его для деформации объектов as an animatre character.


In this Citizen video for 3ds max, we’ll explore more FumeFX, and this time we’ll take a look at how to use it with deforming objects as an animatre character. We’ll try to create an FX shot with a fire dragon emitting flames, smoke, dust, ashes, etc etc.

About CG Cookie

CG Cookie is a 3D Animation education network that caters to a variety of softwares, subject matter, and works to make CG more accessible for everyone. The CG Cookie homepage is the central hub of our site network, including the sites of Blender Cookie, Max Cookie, Modo Cookie and a few others. The CG Cookie team is comprised of primarily Wes Burke, founder of CG Cookie and Jonathan Williamson, a Blender Foundation Certified Instructor. Between the two of us we try to keep things running and developing. We also have substantial support and help from Alessandro Cangelosi, Pippin Williamson, Robert Fayman, David Ward, Patrick Boelens, Porter Nielsen, Tim Von Rueden, Nubia Palacios, and others.


- Exclusive: Creating a Fire Dragon with FumeFX Part 1

In this Citizen video for 3ds max, we’ll start creating the basic PFlow setup to emit particle ashes using some turbulent forces to move it in a more realistic way, then we’ll star preparing one FumeFX layer to emit dust/smoke from some area of the dragon body. We’ll work to tune speed and look, using a Noise map to decide where we have to emit smoke, then we’ll prepare the wavelet turbulence setup to prepare final pass. In part 2 we’ll prepare final smoke layer render, and ash passes to start comp it, then we’ll work on various fire passes.
- Exclusive: Creating a Fire Dragon with FumeFX Part 2
In this Citizen video for 3ds max, we’ll continue to work at the Fire Dragon series. We’ll prepare a fire layer just to have the creature made of flames. We’ll work on the simulation trying to have not so big flames, and not so long flames, just something like a volume of fire. We’ll tune rendering parameters and prepare the wavelet turbulence simulation. In Part 3, we’ll prepare some additional passes and work a little bit more on particles, so we can start preparing different rendered passes to comp it.
- Exclusive: Creating a Fire Dragon with FumeFX Part 3
In this Citizen video for 3ds max, we’ll take a look at how to finalize the Fire Dragon tutorial series, so we’ll prepare an additional fire/flames pass, to add some more details to the fire creature, then we’ll start rendering and adjusting the various layers. To finalize the project we’ll import all the layers in Combustion and we’ll comp it all together using some color correction and some effects as glow and sharpen, and we’ll play a little bit with merging mode to find the best compromise for final look.

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Publisher: CG Cookie
Version workshop: Exclusive: Creating a Fire Dragon with FumeFX
Instructor: Alessandro Cangelosi
Home: http://cgcookie.com/
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 1.2 Gb

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