3DCreative Issue 80 April 2012

3DCreative Issue 80 April 2012

Format: PDF | Quality: HQ | 79 pages | Publisher: 3DTotal
Language: english | Genre: digital art | Release Date: April 2012

В этом выпуске ваше внимание будет сосредоточено на моделировании банана с помощью картона, а так же как сделать 3D очки с помощью клейкой ленты. Это конечно же первоапрельская шутка, а так как всегда новая версия фантастического учебника для художников!


In this month’s issue we will be concentrating on modeling banana’s using cardboard and will be showing you how to make your own 3D glasses using sticky tape and felt tips. This is, of course, an April fool’s trick, but hopefully the tricks you remember from this issue will be the excellent ones provided by our fantastic tutorial artists!

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Located in the West Midlands, UK, 3DTotal publish both 3DCreative and 2DArtist magazines each month and ensures that each issue is as full of great articles, images, reviews, interviews, images and tutorials as possible. If you would like more information on 3DTotal or its magazines, or you have a question for our staff, please contact us using any of the below details.

I think we will start this month by chatting quickly about the amazing cover image. Created by the brilliantly skilled Rodrigue Pralier, this image comes from our brand new tutorial series which covers one of the most popular subject matters that we see submitted to the 3DTotal galleries: human busts. We have been really fortunate to rope in two fantastic artists to help us with this project. Rodrigue will be showing us how to create a stunning image using 3ds Max, while Anto Juricic will be showing us how to do the same using Maya, and similarly comes up with amazing results. In this issue they get the ball rolling by showing us how to create our base model.

On the subject of new series, now seems to be a good time to mention our new set of tutorials on FX, Particles and Dynamics. I am pretty sure each and every one of us has watched a film and seen an effect we thought was really impressive. In this series we will be shown how to create some of these amazing effects, with Matt Chandler working in 3ds Max and Mike Zugschwert doing the same using Maya. In the first part of this new series these mega-talented guys cover how to create and animate water.

Two new series – wow, you guys have been given a massive treat this month! But wait there, what is this? Yes we have third new series in this issue! A high proportion of the potential jobs that you can do in 3D require you to be able to create an accurate model using a 2D concept. In this series our artists will be using stunning 2D concepts and technical drawing created by talented 2D artists to show us how to build droids in 3ds Max. In this first installment we will be in the more than capable hands of the talented Victoria Passariello.

As well as a load of new series in this month’s magazine, we also have the next installment from our Modeling Armored Beast’s series. In this month’s issue Miro Petrov looks at how to create simple concepts using photographs and turn them into a stunning ZBrush image. As if all this wasn’t enough we also have a fantastic interview with Majid Esmaeili, a Making Of by Khadyko Vladimir and an inspiring gallery featuring art by James Busby, Andrew Hickinbottom, Damir Martin and many more talented artists.

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