90 Premium Actions Set

90 Premium Actions Set

90 Premium Actions Set
ATN + PDF | 260.5 Kb

90 Premium Actions Set is a pack of professional Photoshop actions perfect for photographers and graphic designers. All they have been created with precise calibration adjustments to bring your images to life using powerful tools & professional methods.

90 Premium Actions Set

90 Premium Actions Set

-Non-destructive actions (all actions keep untouched the original image)
-Arranged (all layers created in the action arranges automatically in a Group Folder)
-Best results with one click
-Combine actions (all actions are combinable to obtain more than 90 effects. You’ll find the instructions in the PDF Help File)
-Make changes (most of the actions has been created using “Adjustments layers” which gives you the chance to change the values in your own way)

The set contains:
-Art Ink Sketch – Soft Contrast
-Art Ink Sketch – High Contrast
-Art Ink Sketch – Color
-Art Watercolor – Dry
-Art Watercolor – Wet
-Art Wash – B&W
-Art Comic – Color
-Art Comic – B&W
-Art Comic – Retro / Small Dots
-Art Comic – Retro / Medium Dots
-Art Comic – Retro / Big Dots
-Art Extract Lines – For Grayscale Line Art
-Art Extract Lines – For Color Line Art
-Art Acrylic
-Art Acrylic – Thick Brushstrokes
-Camera Lubitel 166 – Cold
-Camera Lubitel 166 – Warm
-Camera Yashica Mat 124
-Correction Overexposure – Soft
-Correction Overexposure – High
-Correction Underexposure – Soft
-Correction Underexposure – High
-Effect Vivid Colors – Red Boost
-Effect Vivid Colors – Green Boost
-Effect Vivid Colors – Blue Boost
-Effect 300 – Soft Film Grain
-Effect 300 – Strong Film Grain
-Effect Sun Exposure
-Effect Sun Exposure – B&W
-Effect Night Vision
-Effect Night Vision – Light Enhance
-Effect TV – Thin Lines
-Effect TV – Medium Lines
-Effect TV – Thick Lines
-Film Grain – Soft
-Film Grain – Medium
-Film Grain – Strong
-High Key Lighting / Soft – B&W
-High Key Lighting / Strong – B&W
-High Key Lighting / Soft – Color
-High Key Lighting / Strong – Color
-Low Key Lighting / Soft – B&W
-Low Key Lighting / Strong – B&W
-Low Key Lighting / Soft – Color
-Low Key Lighting / Strong – Color
-Pattern Dots – Small / White Background
-Pattern Dots – Small / Black Background
-Pattern Dots – Medium / White Background
-Pattern Dots – Medium / Black Background
-Pattern Dots – Big / White Background
-Pattern Dots – Big / Black Background
-Pattern Tiny Dots – Small
-Pattern Tiny Dots – Medium
-Pattern Tiny Dots – Big
-Pattern Diagonal Lines – Thin
-Pattern Diagonal Lines – Medium
-Pattern Diagonal Lines – Thick
-Polarizer – High Contrast
-Process Autochrome
-Process Argyrotype
-Process Bromoil
-Process Lith Print
-Process Daguerreotype
-Process Daguerreotype – Gold
-Retro Seasons – Spring
-Retro Seasons – Spring / High Contrast
-Retro Seasons – Summer
-Retro Seasons – Summer / High Contrast
-Retro Seasons – Autumn
-Retro Seasons – Autumn / High Contrast
-Retro Seasons – Winter
-Retro Seasons – Winter / High Contrast
-Retro Afternoon
-Retro Morning
-Retro Magazine
-Retro Magazine – High Contrast
-Retro HDR – Warm
-Retro HDR – Cold
-Retro HDR – Lomographic Style
-Retro Memories
-Retro Wash & Dust
-Scanlines – Thin Lines
-Scanlines – Medium Lines
-Scanlines – Thick Lines
-Solarization – B&W
-Solarization – Color
-Vignette – Soft
-Vignette – Medium
-Vignette – Strong



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