Marlin Studio Premium City Models kit

Marlin Studio Premium City Models kit

Marlin Studio Premium City Models kit

3DS, MAX, OBJ, and | 347 Products | Textures | 769 MB

The set of 3D models for use in
architectural visualization. With the help of data acquisition premium
3D models of buildings, Premium 3D model of country houses
and motion Pretextured Low Poly means you can create a massive city,
and you can modify the generated exteriors.
Marlin Studios Premium 3D-models of buildings in the city -
save valuable time when creating urban scenes.
Simulation of at least one of these buildings can take you days,
and we offer you 181 to choose from. Incredible details include windows,
doors and roofs. And we offer them to you in formats
that fit your 3D program.
Marlin Studios Premium 3D model of country houses -
105 Suburban House 3D models are very detailed and appropriate
for close-ups. These models are particularly effective
for animated flythroughs, without restrictions on the position of the virtual camera.
Suburban House models are available in several formats: 3DS and OBJ formats.
According to a study of these three formats cover 90% of the market of 3D graphics programs.
Marlin Studios Pretextured Low Poly Vehicles -
Traffic contains 60 photorealistic,
low polygon 3D vehicle models with textures
already applied in MAX, 3DS, OBJ format model.
High-resolution textures give the low poly car models
(Typically, 2100 polygons), the appearance of large, high-poly conventional 3D-models
which typically have a number of polygons in the direction of increasing
up to 10 times more traffic models

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