cmiVFX – Realflow Destruction Tactics volume 02

cmiVFX – Realflow Destruction Tactics volume 02

Software Used: Realflow | Resolution: 1024x576(.mp4) | Audio: mp3 37 Kbps
Completion Time: 07 hrs. 09 min. | Genre: eLearning | Difficulty: Advanced
Language: English | Instructor: Hashem Alshaer

Вторая ожидаемая часть видеоуроков реплицирует реальный мир, в преподаваемом материале сделан упор на моделировании чрезвычайно подробной сцены разрушения проезжей части моста с помощью различных инструментов набора пакета RealFlow.


Today cmiVFX releases the highly anticipated second volume of the RealFlow Destruction Tactics, featuring the animation software packages Houdini, Maya and 3DS Max. This second video replicates a real world, extremely detailed, Roadway Bridge Destruction scene using a variety of tools set around the host RealFlow software package.

When dealing with extremely large scale destruction, a unique data pipeline must be designed to manage data that would potentially freeze up even the most powerful computer clouds if managed improperly. Traditionally, the illusion of massive sized destruction requires artistic skill accompanied by acute technical merit and a lot of computing power until recently when RealFlow's latest version updates its interior anatomy to handle such complex scenes with its new Caronte rigid body solver. In addition, the use of MultiJoint and MultiBody allow end users to construct and connect huge amounts of bodies procedurally while creating a control system for the events.

Instructor: Hashem Alshaer

Hashem Alshaer is a 35 years old Palestinian VFX supervisor. He studied mathematics and physics in college, then graduated from an electronics engineering university. With more than 10 years of experience in visual effects, he is currently teaching 3D visual effects at Arab European University's and Virtual Engineering at mechanic and electronic engineering universities. Hashem started as character specialist, then as technical director, and since 2006 has become a visual effects supervisor. He loves painting and sculpting but developing smart robots is his main passion. Currently, he is working at ArtWare corp as a vfx supervisor and as CG supervisor at VFXTREME.

cmiVFX – Realflow Destruction Tactics volume 02

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Publisher: cmiVFX
Version workshop: Realflow Destruction Tactics volume 02
Instructor: Hashem Alshaer
Home: www.cmivfx.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 2.3 Gb

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