Transforming Robot Production Pipeline Volume 6: Rigging

Transforming Robot Production Pipeline Volume 6: Rigging

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Language: English | Instructor: Delano Athias

В этом учебнике мы будем изучать методы, которые были использованы для to rig the transforming robot. На протяжении этих уроков будут изучены инструменты и методы используемые в процессе моделирования роботов и грузовых автомобилей трансформеров.


In this tutorial, we will learn the methods that were used to rig the transforming robot. Throughout these lessons, we will learn the tools and techniques used in the setup process of both our robot and truck.

The goal is to break this complex idea down into a simple, and manageable form. We'll cover the rigging process in its entirety, and along this journey, we'll be introduced to several tools that will help make this all come together efficiently. By the end of the course, you'll have the set of skills needed to rig your own transforming robot.

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Transforming Robot Production Pipeline Volume 6: Rigging

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