Anatomy Series

Anatomy Series

Software Used: Zbrush | Resolution: 1280x640(.mp4) | Audio: mp3 53 Kbps
Completion Time: 17 hrs. 33 min. | Genre: eLearning | Difficulty: Advanced
Language: English | Instructor: Jesse Sandifer

В видеоуроках сосредоточен взгляд на художественный подход к созданию высокодетальных 3D персонажей с помощью Zbrush. Основной упор сделан на художественном и анатомическом направлении, но автор делится и техническими секретами и советами, которые помогают сделать процесс более приятным.


This video that focuses on the artistic approach to creating high-end 3D characters using Zbrush and some incorporation of 3dsmax. The approach is mainly from an artistic and anatomical direction but I'll also offer technical shortcuts and tips that aid in making the process a more enjoyable one.


– Anatomy: Proportion and Foundation
– Anatomy: Skeletal and Muscular Systems
– Anatomy: Head Studies I
– Anatomy: Head Studies II
– Anatomy: Refining the Head
– Anatomy: Detailing the Head
– Anatomy: The Male Torso
– Anatomy: Final Male Torso
– Anatomy: The Arm
– Anatomy: Final Arm Sculpting
– Anatomy: The Leg
– Anatomy: Final Leg Sculpting
– Anatomy: Modeling hands
– Anatomy: Detailing hands
– Anatomy: Feet

About Jesse Sandifer

Perhaps you don't know much about me so please allow myself ... to introduce ... myself.

Hi, my name is Jesse Sandifer and I am a sculpt-a-holic. I'm happily married with three kids and I live in the Dallas area.

Character creation is my main passion and I've always loved to design and create. With every new project my main goal is to find the personality and character that will bring it to life and make it tactile and approachable by people who take a look. I strive to be my very best and to constantly improve myself in my art.

I've learned everything I know by doing any and all cg tutorials on the internet in my earlier years. My desire now is to help facilitate your career by offering character creation videos to help others such as yourself.

Anatomy Series

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Training Course: Anatomy Series
Instructor: Jesse Sandifer
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