Unity Mobile Game Development: Character Scripting

Unity Mobile Game Development: Character Scripting

Software Used: Unity 3.4 | Resolution: 1280x720(.flv) | Audio: mp3 93 Kbps
Completion Time: 01 hrs. 08 min. | Genre: eLearning | Difficulty: Advanced
Language: English | Instructor: Chris Glick

В данном учебном курсе мы узнаем, как задать в сценарии символы анимации для контроля действий в игре.


In this tutorial we will learn how to script our character animations to work with our controls and overall game. To begin we need to bake our animations into separate animation clips and loop them correctly. Next we'll connect the left joystick position into our script to drive the base character movement animation. From there we will use If Else conditionals to drive which animation plays. Next we'll layer other animations together to easily have our character run while getting hit or swapping weapons. We'll finish our character animation script by freezing the animations while paused and correctly dealing with a game over condition

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Unity Mobile Game Development: Character Scripting

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Training Course: Unity Mobile Game Development: Character Scripting
Instructor: Chris Glick
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