Pulsonix 7.5

Pulsonix 7.5

Интегрированная среда разработки с использованием архитектуры Mosaic™, обеспеченная всеми необходимыми инструментами как для разработки схем и их моделирования, так и для разводки печатных плат.


Pulsonix is a PCB design & layout suite of tools developed to meet the changing needs for PCB layout in the 21st century. The first completely new, high level combined Schematics Capture & PCB layout product for many years, this exciting software tool has been developed from the ground up by PCB Design industry professionals using the very latest techniques in graphics and data handling.

Owned by Westdev Ltd, the Pulsonix EDA product range has set the new standard in the electronics industry with easy-to-use and learn Schematic capture and PCB layout programs. At Westdev, we understand the need for delivery of a technology investment tool suite and are delighted to be able to offer the Pulsonix products.

Our clients trust us to deliver a world-class quality product, so that is exactly what we do. Developed in the UK by a leading team of professional software engineers, Pulsonix is a completely integrated Schematic and PCB tool suite created to meet the changing needs of PCB design in the 21st century.

As a certified developer under the Microsoft Development Partner Program, Westdev is able to offer the exciting Pulsonix product suite using the very latest software writing techniques in graphics and data handling to bring you the best-in-class tools. Our developers understand the need for high quality and fast response times, their dynamism is reflected in the products and services we offer and are unparalleled anywhere in the industry. And with Version 7.5 the current release, Pulsonix is mature, stable, and brimming with advanced features.

Read the V7.5 update datasheet: www.pulsonix.com

Pulsonix 7.5

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Name: Pulsonix
Version: 7.5 Build 4913
Creator: www.pulsonix.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 328.1 mb

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