Linear Workflow Rendering Strategies in Maya

Linear Workflow Rendering Strategies in Maya

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Language: English | Instructor: Kyle Green

В этом учебнике вы узнаете как резко повысить реализм вашего освещения, включая линейный процесс визуализации.


In this Maya tutorial, you will learn how to dramatically improve the realism of your lighting by incorporating a linear workflow into your rendering pipeline. We will begin with an explanation of the linear workflow process, and help to clarify exactly why a linear workflow is needed is order to get lighting results that are much more realistic. From there, we will learn the various steps for setting up a linear workflow in Maya, including the use of Maya's Color Management features, gamma-correcting images and textures to be rendered and displayed correctly, maintaining a proper linear workflow during the compositing phase, and many additional tips and techniques that will help you get much more realistic lighting results with significantly less effort.

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Linear Workflow Rendering Strategies in Maya

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