Naiad Simulating Liquids Volume 2: Intro The Deep

Naiad Simulating Liquids Volume 2: Intro The Deep

Software: Naiad | Resolution: 1024x576(.mp4) | Audio: mp3 112 Kbps
Completion Time: 04 hrs. 46 min. | Genre: eLearning | Difficulty: Advanced
Language: English | Instructor: Diego Trazzi & Chris Maynard

В этом втором выпуске мы будем анализировать более сложных процессы моделирования в Naiad. Полученные ранее знания основных графических инструментов редактора помогут нам разобраться в зависимости моделирования движения волн и твердых предметов.


In this second volume we are going to analyze more sophisticated NAIAD graphs. With the knowledge acquired in the first Volume and the power of a node based graph editor we will cover topics like fluid targeting, advanced guided ocean and rigid-bodies coupled simulations. In this second volume we are also going to focus on how to render are numbers of particles and meshes through RIB files and freeware software. This is the video you have all been waiting for, so now that you got your feet wet, jump right in!

About Diego Trazzi

Diego Trazzi is an accomplished effects professional, who has been in the industry for more than 10 years. His earlier years involve TD generalist work and motion capture before he turned into a savvy in special effects, extensively on fluid simulation.
His recent award was the Best single visual effect of the year in VES award 2009 for the highly talked-about “Neytiri drinking shot” in Avatar, which was predominantly Trazzi’s contribution for fluid simulations. He was also one of the very few people who helped developing Exotic Matter’s “Naiad” since alpha version.

Started his career from Italy then reached to several continents, Trazzi has completed a long list of remarkable work on major film titles such as X-men : First Class, Avatar, The A-Team, Harry Potter and so on. As a result, he has acquired a broad range of technical knowledge and problem solving skills. At Siggraph 2010, Diego Trazzi gave a presentation on liquid simulation in Avatar, which was one of the highlights of the sessions.…

Naiad Simulating Liquids Volume 2: Intro The Deep

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Publisher: cmiVFX
Training Course: Naiad Simulating Liquids Volume 2: Intro The Deep
Instructor: Diego Trazzi & Chris Maynard
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Interface: english
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