PC|SCHEMATIC Automation 14.02

PC|SCHEMATIC Automation 14.02

PC|SCHEMATIC Automation является расширенным электрическим CAD программным обеспечением для automation, installation, pneumatics and hydraulics.


The electrical CAD software, PC|SCHEMATIC Automation, is an advanced electrical CAD software for automation, installation, pneumatics and hydraulics.

Electrical CAD software packages allow an electrical engineer to integrate electrical systems and to design complex interconnect wiring and harnesses in high-technology products such as cars, planes, and trains. Advanced packages will not only manage electrical schematics but also integrate functionalities such as cabinet and panel layouts and terminal management.

PC|SCHEMATIC Automation, makes drawing your electrical wiring diagrams easy. It also makes it easy for you to maintain an overview of your electrical designs. Generally speaking, the electrical CAD software is designed from the basic concept of setting you free to focus on the electrical design, while the program handles the practical side.

Beyond the basic drawing functions, Automation offers you a comprehensive series of functions specially designed for electrical projects. International electrical design drawing standards can be supported easily as an integrated part of the software.

This means that you do not need to buy the most expensive version of the electrical CAD software to get full functionality. The only limitation is the size of the electrical designs you can create in your projects, and the allowed amount of electrical symbols and electrical connection points in the electrical diagrams.

News in PC|SCHEMATIC Automation 13.0 (danish): http://www.pcschematic.com/


At PC|SCHEMATIC, we are renowned for creating PC|SCHEMATIC Automation, the documentation solution for the electrical industry. But more importantly, we are renowned for our efficient and competent support.

Our company focuses at least as much on supporting you as on all the innovative features, which let your employees see the big picture, and make them more efficient in their daily work.

PC|SCHEMATIC Automation 14.02

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Name: PC|SCHEMATIC Automation
Version: 14.02
Home: www.pcschematic.com
Interface: English, Danish
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 104.7 mb

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