100 Ways Adobe Lightroom Kicks Adobe Bridges for Photographers!

100 Ways Adobe Lightroom Kicks Adobe Bridges  for Photographers!

Скотт и Мэтт
рассказывают про преимущества Lightroom над Bridge и Camera Raw с точки зрения фотографов
или «100 способов надрать задницу Бриджу и АЦР с помощью Лайтрума»

I can’t tell you how many times during our various live seminars, photographers would come up and tell either Matt or me,
“Why should I switch to Lightroom? I already have the Bridge & Camera Raw?”
“I thought Lightroom was just the same as the Bridge and Camera Raw.”

It’s particularly frustrating because Lightroom has so many advantages over the Bridge & Camera Raw, that you can’t just explain it in few sentences.
In fact, Matt and I were talking about this very problem one day, and just joking around we said,
“We ought to make a list called “100 ways Lightroom kicks the Bridge’s A$$!”
so we could point them to it, and really illustrate the reasons why, as a photographer, they should be using Lightroom.
The next thing you know, we decided not only to make a list, but to create 100 videos that would really showcase the advantages.

Why 100 videos?
Now, we intentionally did 100 very short (30 to 60 seconds each) videos rather than one long 60-minute plus video, so people could go directly to the topics that interested them most
(since I doubt anyone would watch all 100, or would be willing to sit through 100 when they only needed a few to change their mind).

So, the site is live, and if you’re one of those photographers still using the Bridge & Camera Raw, take a few minutes and swing over to the site and check a few of the reasons out
(and at the very least, watch the short intro that Matt and I put together to get you started).

Reason1: Better Full Screen Previews
Reason2: Jumping Between Develop and Library
Reason3: Lights Out/Lights Dim
Reason4: Hiding Panels
Reason5: Before After Previews
Reason6: Keyboard Shortcuts For Navigating Panels
Reason7: External Editors
Reason8: Refreshing New Memory Cards
Reason9: Can’t Choose Preview Size
Reason10: Lightroom Remembers Import Favorites
Reason 11: Adding Keywords at Import
Reason 12: Add Develop Presets at Import
Reason13: Can’t Change the Thumbnail Size
Reason14: No Full Screen Preview
Reason15: No Import Presets For Easy Access
Reason16: Metadata Temp. in Imports Dialog
Reason17: Check Box for Import New Pics
Reason18: Changing Sort Order in Import Window
Reason19: Don’t Import Suspect Dups
Reason20: Tethered Capture
Reason21: Custom Preset Sizes for Zoom
Reason22: More Choices for Thumbnail Badges
Reason23: More Show Options
Reason24: Create Temporary Quick Collections
Reason25: Viewing Previous Imports
Reason26: Favorites
Reason27: One Click to See All Photos
Reason28: Seeing Attached External Drives
Reason29: Customizable Toolbar
Reason30: Saving Filter Presets
Reason31: Metadata Search Criteria
Reason32: Auto Advance Feature
Reason33: Adding Ratings Faster
Reason34: Convert to DNG
Reason35: Exporting Your Photos and Changes Automatically
Reason36: Target Collections
Reason37: LR Manages Photos If Offline
Reason38: Keywords (Painter Tool)
Reason39: Keywords Suggestions
Reason40: Keyword Sets
Reason41: GPS Link to Google Maps
Reason42: Create Keyword Shortcut
Reason43: Edit Capture Time
Reason44: Import/Export Keywords Sets
Reason45: Purge Unused Keywords
Reason46: Info Overlays
Reason47: Survey View
Reason48: Compare View
Reason49: Nested Collections
Reason50: Watermarking on Export
Reason51: Export Previous Keyboard Shortcut
Reason52: Exporting More Than One File Format
Reason53: Changing Resolution of Exported JPEGS
Reason54: Can’t Limit File Size on Export
Reason55: Post Processing Options for Exporting Photos
Reason56: Emailing Photos From Export Dialog
Reason57: Live Changes in Quick Develop
Reason58: Spell Checker
Reason59: No Direct Plug-ins
Reason60: Adding Your Logo
Reason61: Bridge Doesn’t Print. Lightroom Does.
Reason62: Printing Multiple Photos
Reason63: Custom Print Template
Reason64: Print Presets
Reason65: Contact Sheets
Reason66: Better Picture Packages
Reason67: Printing Photos with Borders
Reason68: Saving Prints as PDF
Reason69: Watermarking for Prints
Reason70: No Draft Mode Printing
Reason71: Add Large Custom Text to Prints
Reason72: No Previews in Print Template
Reason73: Slideshows with Logo
Reason74: Changing Slideshow Backgrounds
Reason75: Multiple Monitor Support
Reason76: Intro/Ending Screens For Slideshows
Reason77: Custom Slideshows & Presets
Reason78: Watermarks in Slideshows
Reason79: Add Drop Shadow to Slideshow Images
Reason80: Adding Music to Slideshows
Reason81: Save Slideshow as Video
Reason82: Borders in Slideshow
Reason83: Save Slideshow as PDF
Reason84: Virtual Copies of Photo Versions
Reason85: Lightroom Has a Ton of Cool Presets
Reason86: Preset Preview in Develop Module
Reason87: The History Panel for Undos
Reason88: Access to Collections From Everywhere
Reason89: White Balance Eye Dropper Preview
Reason90: Shortcut Flipping/Cropping
Reason91: Split Toning Color Picker
Reason92: Detail Tab With Preview
Reason93: Reset One Panel At A Time
Reason94: Changing the Background Color
Reason95: Built-in Brush Presets
Reason96: Move Histogram to Adjust Photo
Reason97: Refresh for New Temp
Reason98: Editing on Screen
Reason99: Watermarking in the Web Module
Reason100: Customizing LR With Identity Plates

100 Ways Adobe Lightroom Kicks Adobe Bridges  for Photographers!
100 Ways Adobe Lightroom Kicks Adobe Bridges  for Photographers!
100 Ways Adobe Lightroom Kicks Adobe Bridges  for Photographers!
100 Ways Adobe Lightroom Kicks Adobe Bridges  for Photographers!
100 Ways Adobe Lightroom Kicks Adobe Bridges  for Photographers!

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Производитель: Kelby Media Group
Продолжительность: 2:15:57
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