Portable Rigzsoft TimelineFX Particle Editor v 1.26

Portable Rigzsoft TimelineFX Particle Editor v 1.26

Portable Rigzsoft TimelineFX Particle Editor v 1.26|All Windows(x86/x64) |rar|70 mb

TimelineFX 1.26 замечательная быстрая и удобная программа для создания потрясающих эффектов.
Это отличный генератор и одновременно мощный и продвинутый редактор спец-эффектов предназначенных для графики. Буквально в несколько кликов мышью можно создать уникальный спецэффект и удивить им всех. Пусть это будут искры электросварки, брызги шампанского, взрывы, молния в молнии и даже анимированные картинки в нужном вам направлении и стиле. А остальное что подскажет ваше воображение.
Гибкий и при всем этом, стильного типа редактор, запросто способен из произвольных картинок изваять шикарный графический эффект, основываясь на методике редактирования картинки и анимации, выбора направлений творчества и простой совокупности любых частиц, учитывая при работе их цвета и глубину насыщенности. А созданный спецэффект можно сохранить в форматах PNG, TPA, JPG, а так-же GIF и выполнить в виде всевозможной структуры и направления, несложно и уникально расположить кадры в одной общей картинке или сделать наоборот, возможна гиф-анимация и еще многие варианты цифрового творчества.
Встроено множество дополнительных эффектов.

Export the particle effects as static animations onto sprite sheets, animation strips or image sequences in PNG format, or if you develop for the iPhone or iPad, you can export sprite sheets using the PVRTC format (Mac only) which is a great way to enhance performance on those devices. If you program games using the powerful Blitzmax programming language, you can also use the effects directly using the TimelineFX Module.
Create an endless amount of different and varied particle effects including explosion effects, smoke effects, fire effects, water effects, steam effects, bubble effects, and much more! Animations can be easily configured to loop seamlessly with just one click of the mouse, and with another click, you can even make animations tile seamlessly too for use as animated textures.
Export your animations onto sprite sheets, animation strips or image sequences
Portable Rigzsoft TimelineFX Particle Editor v 1.26

Once you're happy with an effect, export it using the Animation Controls. Record frame sizes up to 8192 x 8192 with transparency, plus some very handy features such as:
• Loop Animation: With one click you can make your effects loop seamlessly!
• Make Seamless: Need to create animated textures that can be tiled seamlessly? No problem, just 1 check box and that's exactly what you'll get!
• Multiple Export Options: Render animations in full colour, grey scale, 1 colour alpha and more. Handy if you want to create animated particles for your own particle systems, or apply your own colours dynamically within your game. Additionally, you can save as a sprite sheet, where animation frames are kept in rows and columns, animation strips, or just a sequence of images saved separately.
• Handy Auto fit feature: One click and your animation be automatically resized to fit within your chosen frame size.
• Export to PVRTC format: For iPhone/iPad developers, export to this format enabling much higher performance on those hand held devices (Mac only)

Easily edit your particle effects
Portable Rigzsoft TimelineFX Particle Editor v 1.26

A full range of properties are available to fine tune all of the particle effects you create for your games. Change how particles are drawn on top of each other with an additive blend mode. Adjust how each particle's colour changes over time, plus, change angle, emission, particle shape settings and much more. All accessible with an easy to use interface, just adjust settings with a few clicks and instantly see your changes in the preview pane.
A particle shape is a bitmap which can be anything you desire for your effect. On top of that, they can also be animated to add even more depth and complexity to your particle effects to help your games come alive. Simply load in your shapes and assign them to any emitter you want, all properties you have set such as colour and blend mode will be instantly applied.

Total control using powerful graphs and attributes
Portable Rigzsoft TimelineFX Particle Editor v 1.26

The TimelineFX Particle Effect Editor uses a powerful graphing system to provide full control over your effects. This means that every aspect of your effects can be precisely controlled over the life time of the effect. Just select an attribute such as size overtime, and plot it's behaviour on the graph tab to easily make all the particles spawned by an emitter grow or shrink over the lifetime of the particle.
Many attributes are available for you to finely tune your particle effects, such as, amount, life, velocity, spin, stretch, alpha and many more.
Just plot all your points on the graph according to how you want your particles to behave, and if you want even more precise control, convert graph points to curves for even smoother results.

Plenty of effects libraries freely availble!
Make use of our royalty free Particle Effects, featuring explosions, smoke, fire, environmental effects like rain snow and wind, flares, auras and much more.
You can either make use of them as they are or use them as a basis and tweak them to suit your own needs as you see fit. Click here to go straight to the emitters download page. Simply download a library and load into the editor, make your changes and export.
Some of the main features of the TimelineFX Editor are:
• Create a full diverse range of effects using static or animated particles.
• Easy to use - all the properties of the emitters and effects are just a click away with the straight forward interface.
• Experience total control over your effects using the attributes graph. Control many aspects such as particle size, weight, visibility and velocity over the lifetime of the particle and the effect.
• The graphs can also use curved lines for even greater control.
• All effects libraries you save can be loaded straight into the TimelineFX module for instant inclusion into your game/application if you program using the Blitzmax programming language.
• Export your effects as sprite sheets using the animation properties dialogue. Control the size, number of frames, zoom and even make your effects seamlessly loop! Export as full colour, greyscale or 1 colour png animation strips and if you want, load them straight into the editor and use them as animated particles in your effects!
• Exports your sprite sheets as either PNG of PVRTC files.
• Use autofit to instantly resize your effect to fit into the frame of animation.
• Make use of over 400 effects freely available to download from this site.
• Use static or animated particles - or use sprite sheets to select a specific frame to use as a particle - you can also make it randomly select a frame for even greater diversity in your effects.
• Use the preview window to view all your changes in real-time as you edit effects, change the background colour, zoom in and out and have fun with the paint mode!
• Use the Create Icon feature to create an icon in the effects library list to more easily identify your effects.
• Easily import effects from other libraries.
• Create effects that contain effects within effects - have that explosion debris leave is own smoke trail!
• Use the colour bar to change the particle colour over its lifetime or have it randomly select a colour from the colour bar.
• And much more!

• New Particle Effect libraries are being added all the time so keep checking back to see what's new!
• Added TGA (TARGA) to the list of export options when saving animations
• Fixed a bug where emitters containing sub effects were not playing out the end of their graphs properly.
• Fixed a bug with reverse animation not working properly
• You can now change the way particles are drawn by grouping them by the emitter that spawns them. Use effect.SetGroupParticles(true) to achieve this. You won't notice any difference unless you're using effects that have sub effects however.
• Fixed a bug where emitters that use the splatter graph are not effected by global zoom properly.
• Export options within the animation controls are now remembered for each effect
• Stopped the effect preview window from opening even though cancel is pressed
• You can now preview the rendered effect whether or not it's seamless.
• Greyscale export now correctly exports according to Rec. 709 standards
• You can now change the background colour of animations to anything you want. Select Chose Colour from the pop up menu.
• The effect preview window for the animation dialog is now modal. If you want to make changes you have to close it first, not 100% ideal but atleast the export options are now remembered.
BONUS -TimelineFX Particle Effects Module 1.39
At the core of TimelineFX is a Blitzmax module that handles the running of all effects in your game or application. It's very powerful yet very simple to use. In just a few lines of code you can load in your effects created with the TimelineFX editor and have them rendered on screen, plus with fixed rate timing code the results will be as smooth as silk. Some of the features of the module are:
• Fully object orientated
• Use the particle manager object to update and render all your effects, and create as many particle managers as you need. This can be useful if you need some effects to spawn in front or behind of your other game objects or scenery.
• Fast! All the effects can be compiled into lookup tables so despite the use of bezier curves to "draw" your particles' behaviour, no heavy calculations need to be done for each frame - you get fine control over your effects at no expense of the cpu! On top of that, attribute graphs not used are bypassed alltogether for extra speed.
• All effects are part of an entity parent/child hierarchy allowing for as many sub-effects as you need. Emitters can spawn particles, that themselves can spawn more particles and so on, is also possible. You can also have particles that remain relative to their parents so that they move and rotate as the parent does.
• Control the global attributes of your effects in code so that you can easily fit those effects into your game. For example, a call to SetAreaWidth and SetAreaHeight will allow you to fit your area effects into the space you designate.
• Well documented - all the code is documented using docmods plus a mini game to show you the system in practice.
• Also comes with a fixed rate timing module called mod.tweener so you can easily set up timing in our game/application for smooth movement.
• Utilises Gmans ZipEngine module to store your effects files using as little room as possible with the added bonus of being able to password protect your zips to secure your media (coming soon).
• Also uses Bruceys LibXML module so that saved files are stored in the flexible XML format
Installation Instructions
The TimelineFX module comes in a zip file along with 2 other modules that TimelineFX depends on. If you already have those modules installed then there is no need to unzip them. To install, simply unzip the contents of the zip into your Blitzmax mod folder. Once you have done so the file structure of the mod folder should look like this:
Thats it. The modules are all pre-compiled so you should be ready to go. To test, you can load up tlParticleManager.bmx located in mod/rigz.mod/timelinefx.mod/doc/. If it compiles and runs ok then everything should be working.

System Requirements
IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)
Windows XP SP2
Windows Vista all SP
Windows 7
Language English

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