Photoshop for Photographers Portrait Retouching

Photoshop for Photographers Portrait Retouching

Крис Orwig детали инструментами каждого фотографа нужно ретушировать портреты, чтобы заставить их выглядеть лучше. Курс включает в себя обзор Процесс ретуширования и как разработать план для ретуширования проекта.

In this course, photographer, author, and teacher Chris Orwig details the tools every photographer needs to retouch portraits to make them look their best while remaining authentic. The course includes an overview of the retouching process and how to develop a plan for a retouching project.

After exploring techniques to improve the overall photo, Chris shares his techniques for reducing wrinkles, enhancing eyes and other facial features, improving hair, and retouching makeup. The course concludes with a look at retouching skin and reshaping portions of a portrait using transformations, the Warp tool, and the Liquify filter.

видеоурок включает в себя:
* Using selections and cloning to remove small distractions
* Removing lint
* Improving skin
* Removing tan lines
* Correcting tone with Curves and masking
* Burning and dodging
* Reducing wrinkles
* Enhancing eyes
* Whitening teeth
* Fixing flyaway hairs
* Adding and changing makeup
* Softening and adding a glow to skin
* Reshaping the body subtly

Introduction 1m 58s
Welcome 1m 4s
Using the exercise files 54s
1. Getting Started 6m 49s
Initial retouching considerations 3m 51s
Using a Wacom tablet 1m 8s
Exploring resources and finding inspiration 1m 50s
2. Removing Distractions in the Frame 37m 21s
Where to begin? 1m 19s
Reviewing the basic cleanup tools 3m 59s
Removing small distractions 2m 41s
Using selections and cloning to remove distractions 4m 26s
Simplifying the background with the Clone tool 5m 12s
Removing a garment strap 5m 17s
Removing a distracting logo 3m 43s
Removing lint from a T-shirt 3m 40s
Cleaning up a backdrop with Content-Aware Fill 2m 58s
Cleaning up a backdrop with the Patch tool 4m 6s
3. Making Creative Image Adjustments 22m 31s
Extending a real-world scene, part 1 4m 6s
Extending a real-world scene, part 2 4m 20s
Removing distractions for a creative effect 4m 31s
Using selections and Free Transform to rebuild image elements 3m 44s
Moving a person with Content-Aware Move 5m 50s
4. Improving Skin 28m 48s
Removing small details from the face 4m 50s
Retouching skin 4m 35s
Reducing hotspots, part 1 4m 32s
Reducing hotspots, part 2 4m 36s
Reducing brightness with selections and curves 3m 26s
Using Hue/Saturation to minimize variations in skin color 3m 45s
Removing tan lines 1m 53s
Leaving imperfections in portraits 1m 11s
5. Improving the Shadows and Highlights 37m 15s
Correcting tone with curves and masking 5m 39s
Fixing exposure and color with curves 4m 14s
Correcting tone with blending modes and masking 5m 22s
Using Shadows/Highlights to improve exposure 5m 28s
Using Soft Light layer blending to burn and dodge 4m 37s
Exploring the burning-and-dodging workflow 6m 35s
Using multiple techniques to improve shadows and highlights 5m 20s
6. Reducing Wrinkles 22m 42s
Reducing wrinkles with the Healing Brush 7m 21s
Working on wrinkles and details 6m 51s
Fine-tuning and making final adjustments on wrinkles 3m 44s
Quick wrinkle reduction with the Patch tool 4m 46s
7. Enhancing Eyes 43m 27s
Enhancing eyes with adjustment layers and blending 4m 7s
Adding sparkle to the eyes 4m 38s
Increasing color with Colorize and blending modes 5m 37s
Rebuilding the edge of the eye 6m 34s
Whitening eyes, part 1 3m 54s
Whitening eyes, part 2 5m 42s
Removing eye veins and sharpening eyes behind glasses 7m 8s
Correcting color and tone behind glasses 5m 47s
8. Cleaning Up Eyelashes and Eyebrows 11m 26s
Trimming eyebrows 5m 25s
Darkening eyebrows 2m 48s
Adding mascara to darken eyelashes 3m 13s
9. Retouching Lips 16m 47s
Enhancing lip color and tone with curves and masking 4m 23s
Using Color Balance and blending modes to improve the look of lips 7m 41s
Improving the look of lips with the Burn and Dodge tools 4m 43s
10. Whitening Teeth 13m 49s
Teeth whitening made easy 2m 33s
Exploring advanced teeth whitening 5m 0s
Automating teeth whitening with actions 5m 9s
A note on retouching facial features 1m 7s
11. Improving Hair 35m 22s
Covering and correcting hair discoloration 5m 48s
Fixing the color of hair roots 3m 3s
Making creative color adjustments to hair 2m 44s
Patching a gap in hair 4m 27s
Removing flyaway hairs 6m 18s
Fixing flyaway hairs with a complicated background 5m 57s
Adding accents and creative color to a fashion photograph 7m 5s
12. Adding and Changing Makeup in Photoshop 27m 22s
Brightening shadow areas on the face 4m 22s
Adding color to the cheeks and eyelids 4m 30s
Modifying eye makeup color 3m 52s
Increasing color saturation and variety 4m 17s
Enhancing color with the Lab Color space 5m 44s
Using Selective Color to create vibrant color 3m 29s
Additional makeup resources 1m 8s
13. Advanced Skin Smoothing 23m 15s
High-pass skin softening 6m 48s
Creating a mask for the skin 4m 23s
Softening and adding even texture to the skin 5m 36s
Adding a soft glow to the skin and details 6m 28s
14. Enhancing Shape and Structure in Images 34m 36s
Adding dimension using curves and masking 3m 50s
Reshaping a jawline with Liquify 4m 30s
Reshaping a shirt with Liquify 3m 13s
Reshaping a shoulder with Liquify 3m 22s
Reshaping the body with Liquify 2m 35s
Using the Warp tool to reshape a jawline 3m 33s
Modifying the body with the Warp tool 3m 35s
Changing shape with selections and masking 8m 32s
Tips for thoughtful portrait retouching 1m 26s
Conclusion 36s
Goodbye 36s

Photoshop for Photographers Portrait Retouching
Photoshop for Photographers Portrait Retouching
Photoshop for Photographers Portrait Retouching
Photoshop for Photographers Portrait Retouching
Photoshop for Photographers Portrait Retouching

Год выпуска: 2012
Производитель: Lynda
Автор: Chris Orwig
Продолжительность: ~6 ч
Тип материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Файлы примеров: присутствуют
Формат видео: MOV
Видео: AVC 960x540 15fps ~150Kbps
Аудио: AAC 48kHz 1ch 96Kbps
Размер: 1.65 GB

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