Ripple Training: Mastering Shapes, Paint & Masks in Motion 5 (2012)

Ripple Training: Mastering Shapes, Paint & Masks in Motion 5 (2012)

Ripple Training: Mastering Shapes, Paint & Masks in Motion 5 (2012)
English Duration: 2h 49m | H264 | 1152x720 | 30fps 493kbps | AAC 128kbps 44.1KHz | 844 MB

Shapes, Paint Strokes and Masks are the building blocks of engaging motion graphics. Shapes are "primitives" from which Paint Strokes and Masks can be created. They are also quite useful as cell sources for Replicator and Particle effects.

In this tutorial, you'll discover how versatile shapes are, as you create and animate paint stroke effects; mask a moving subject and then track it; morph one shape into another; animate shapes using an audio parameter behavior and much more! Mastering Shapes, Paint Strokes and Masks in Motion 5 is a tutorial that will pay off in huge creative dividends as you explore both the mechanics and possibilities behind these important tools.

Mastering Shapes, Paint Strokes & Masks in Motion 5 is presented in 26 individual lessons with a running time of 2 Hours and 49 minutes. Also included are 2 Motion expansion packs with 30 different floral brushes and over 100 shapes courtesy of Applemotion.net

Drawing & Animating a Clock
Tracing Shapes
Shapes & Masks
Animating Shape Control Points with Keyframes
Morphing Shapes
The Write-On Behavior
Shaky Behaviors
Tracking Points
Tracking Points and the Audio Parameter Behavior
Shape Source and the Motion Path Behavior
Shape Source with Motion Path and Write-On Behaviors
Shape Source and Replicators
Shape Source and Emitters
Working with Shape-Based Library Content
The Airbrush Type
Working with Airbrushed-based Library Content
The Paint Stroke Tool
Intro to Shape Styles - Light Streaks
Changing Shape Styles
The Image Brush type and Source Objects
Movie Sources
Painting with Textures
Shape Styles & Image Masks
Custom Shape Styles & Image Masks



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