ZBrush Professional Tips and Techniques by Paul Gaboury DVD Course

ZBrush Professional Tips and Techniques by Paul Gaboury DVD Course

ZBrush Professional Tips and Techniques by Paul Gaboury DVD Course
English | 336 pages | 1 edition (June 19, 2012) | English | ISBN-10: 1118066804 | EPUB + DVD | 92 Mb + 1.11 Gb

ZBrush is used by top artists in Hollywood to model and sculpt characters in such films as Avatar, Iron Man, and Pirates of the Caribbean. In addition, this amazing technology is also used in jewelry design, forensic science, aerospace, video games, toy creation, and the medical field. Written by Pixologic's in-house ZBrush expert Paul Gaboury, this full-color, beautifully illustrated guide provides you with the ultimate tips and tricks to maximize your use of all versions of ZBrush.

Reveals numerous little-known tips and tricks that exist within ZBrush, but often go unexploited
Shares an abundance of helpful techniques and insights that the author has acquired from years of helping professional artists in various industries
Offers dozens of version-neutral solutions and shortcuts in areas such as sculpting, texturing, posing, rendering, and more
Features "Artist Spotlights" from several ZBrush experts, offering their how-to's for using the feature-rich software in today's studios

Improve your productivity and quality of work with this helpful, easy-to-understand resource.

What better way to learn creative and timesaving ZBrush tips and techniques than from the creators of ZBrush? Paul Gaboury, Lead 3D Application Engineer at Pixologic, travels the world teaching professionals and clients such as Pixar, Disney, and ILM how to use ZBrush. In this beautiful, four-color, easy-to-follow guide, he lays out all his secrets, as well as insights from some of the most renowned ZBrush artists in the world.

Want a quick way to create meshes or custom brushes? Need to set up a ZSphere rig with a single tool? From the basics through advanced techniques for sculpting, posing, and rendering, this fun and practical book will help you work more creatively and effectively in ZBrush. Although written for ZBrush 4R3, many of the topics in the book are universal to using the popular digital sculpting tool.

Review ZBrush basics and create quick accessories
Sculpt, use hard surface tools, and discover the power of Shadowbox
Check out the CreateDiff Mesh button in the Morph Target subpalette
Manipulate scan data and project it into a topology-ready mesh
Save time with some quick ways to sculpt hair
Make posing characters more fun and less work
Learn the favorite tricks of several ZBrush artists, complete with step-by-step tips

The accompanying DVD includes all the files you need to complete the projects in the book.

Artist Spotlight contributions from:
Christopher Brandstrom
Vitaly Bulgarov
Magdalena Dadela
Mark Dedecker
Michael Defeo
Joseph Drust
Mike Jensen
Julian Kenning
Joe Lee
Sebastien Legrain
Rudy Massar
Geert Melis
Marco Menco
Morgan Morey
Zack Petroc
Steve Warner
Tomas Wittelsbach
Bryan Wynia



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