Portable SmoothDraw 3.2.11

Portable SmoothDraw 3.2.11

Portable SmoothDraw 3.2.11|All Windows(x32/x64) |rar|14,5 mb

SmoothDraw - невероятно шикарный редактор графических изображений, отличительной особенностью которого является наличие большого набора инструментов (кисти, карандаши, ручки спреи и т.д.) для рисования и создания собственных изображений.
Portable SmoothDraw 3.2.11

Наилучший эффект программа даёт при работе с планшетами. Программа позволяет работать со слоями, вставлять разнообразные объекты, проводить цветокоррекцию и многое другое.
Особенности программы:
• Широкий выбор инструментов (кисти, карандаши, ручки спреи и т.д.)
• Возможность создания изображений с нуля
• Поддержка работы с планшетами
• Удобный пользовательский интерфейс

The program's interface is intuitive, with toolbars down the left side and across the top. SmoothDraw comes with a wide variety of tools, including various pencils, pens, airbrushes, paintbrushes, hatch brushes and so on. There are also grass and star stamps and an image hose, all of which are a lot of fun to use. Users can adjust the brush size and ink flow for each brush, and there are also settings for tablet pressure and hardness. Cloning and retouching tools, important parts of any image-editing arsenal, are present as well, and layering capabilities let users create complex images. Unfortunately, the program doesn't have a Help file, which would have been useful for those who don't have much experience with digital art. But even users who haven't tried anything more sophisticated than Microsoft Paint will have fun experimenting with SmoothDraw. Overall, we think that SmoothDraw is a great choice for users of all abilities; it's accessible enough that beginners can use it, but it packs enough advanced features to be useful to serious artists.

SmoothDraw installs a desktop icon without asking but uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this program to all users.

System Requirements
IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)
Windows XP SP2
Windows Vista all SP
Windows 7
Language Multilanguage English(NO RUS)

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