Lumion 2.5 Ultimate

Lumion 2.5 Ultimate

Обновленный до версии 2.5 Lumion предоставляет улучшенные инструменты для быстрой и легкой визуализации, что позволило поднять предлагаемые визуальные эффекты на новый уровень, кроме того исправлен ряд ошибок и багов.

Lumion 2 will take visualization indoors by providing quick and easy tools for indoor visualization. The updated architecture visualization software lifts visuals to a new level by providing several essential new features.

Lumion produces images and video for visualisation. Rapidly. High quality output, suitable for client presentation, produced in minutes not hours, and in hours not days. Lumion provides a productive, highly focused realtime 3D environment for the creation of visualisation scenes rapidly. A simple import and update workflow is used to bring content through to Lumion. The Lumion real-time 3D environment is where a user completes the building of the scene, such as adding in terrain, sky and weather settings, scene objects, lighting, and other 3D content. Scenes can then be rapidly rendered to still image, or video animation to create high quality visualisation content.

Users can also provide direct presentation in realtime to clients. This is a truly fantastic tool for rapid visualisation and ease of workflow. This tool can fit into a visualisation pipeline/workflow to provide time savings and quality output. Lumion is already proving an invaluable time saver and hit with a growing number of architects and others in visualisation. It is being successfully used to provide more cost effective visualisation content to clients.

With the 3D rendering software Lumion, it has never been easier to create architectural visualizations of your 3D models. Simply add water, trees, people, cars and amazing weather effects, and render awesome videos in minutes. Or present the scene to your client as a real-time 3D fly-through. Faster and easier than ever before.

Used As A Visualisation Tool For:

- Architecture
- Construction Planning
- Infra-structure Planning
- Building Projects and Developments
- Property Design
- Landscape Design

Some Features:

- Realtime interior lighting (V2).
- Ability to handle large scenes, with optimisations of large to massive polygon models and texturing to provide best case real-time playback and rendering for stills and video.
- Import your models from most DCC and CAD tools, supports leading industry Collada and FBX formats, as well as Max, 3DS and Obj.
- Use terrain templates, create terrains, or import your own.
- A weather system with cloud, fog, simple sun positioning, sunlight shadow. Create areas for water, as well as an amazing ocean add-on.
- A range of add-ons are available, providing additional content and effects (refer illuminate3d.com or the Lumion web site).
- Simple, intuitive, constant and rapid improvements, supportive and dynamic architectural and visualisation based professional community and forum.

New Functionality in LUmion 2.5 Ultimate


Lumion is developed by Act3D-BV, the team who developed Quest3D, a proven real-time 3D authoring tool that has been a leader in the marketplace for over 8 years, and used for many real-time 3D visualisation projects. Through their direct association with many architectural clients and projects, and their Quest3D customer base, Act3D have a solid reputation in providing high performance real-time 3D solutions.

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Name: Lumion
Version: 2.5 Ultimate 64bit
Home: http://lumion3d.com/
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 2.8 Gb

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