Activeden - proFashion – Site Template with DeepLinking - Retail

Activeden - proFashion – Site Template with DeepLinking - Retail

Activeden - proFashion – Site Template with DeepLinking - Retail

FLA | SWF | XML | CSS | PHP | JS | HTML | 109 МБ

Template Features:
Splash Site with Logo, HTML Texts, Enter Button. Edit your own Splash Site via XML (Splash can be turned off).
Great new Style: mixed Creative SWF Files with the Content. See our Fashions/World Premiere Page!
New Art of 2 Level Menu system for the Clever and Perfect Overview. Each 2nd Level menu can have Description, Title and Image (one by one, or also mixed).
Icon system for the Clever and Perfect Overview in the Head and Description Part of the Pages.
30+ featurues.
XML Driven, good strucutred XML Files. One file for each page.
2 Level Deep Linking. Share an Image/Video with a direct link to the item.
Cross links between pages, and modulels (like Link from Banner to any item).
Unlimited(!) amount of pages (also without menus). Add more pages, and call the via Deep Link.
Intelligent Menu and Submenus – stop Banner during mouse is over the Menu.
Ken Burn Banner with great functions like progress Bar, thumbnails etc.
Row and Block based Styles. Clean, exact and easy to edit. 15+ precreated Examples waiting for copy edit and to publish.
4 Different Layouts News Feeds (ATOM, RSS , XML Controlled News).
2 Different Thumbnail system for Image Galleries (horizontal or vertical Scrolled).
4 Different Gallery Types (2 Thumbnail Style x with or without HTML Blocks).
Image Gallery with Fullscreen Image Rotator. Always fit in the browser Window.
Image Gallery with Slideshow and HTML Formatted Info Function.
Video Gallery with unlimited(!) amount of thumbnails, videoplayer also in Fullscreen.
Video Gallery plays FLV , MP4, YouTube videos.
2 Video Gallery Style – With or Without HTML Blocks.
Contact Forms with 4 different Layouts. (Left, right, with and without HTML Blocks).
ROWs with fixed size, and ROWs with flexible endless width, to create Item lists, horizontal scrolled contents etc. (see our PriceBox Example under the menupoint “pro”).
Newsletter Subscribe/Unsubscribe function.
Smart loader & Music handling. Volume Control.
Unlimited(!) amount of Mini News.
New Backgrounds per page (colored, image based) Fit or Stretched.
SiteMap – for better Overview.
And many more…

Banner Features:
Great and very exact Ken Burns Effect – Set start and end Align, zoom, offsets
Unique and individual appearance
Easy to read/edit XML files
Fully XML driven
Use your own Logo (SWF, PNG ) or just type some text in XML instead of it to put a Message on the Frame
Make the Editing even more simple via using the “start with banner” parameter
Great Live Preview Samples
+ freebies
Add Next, Previos, Play / Pause, Thumbnails, Progress bar
2 Font Types embeded – Arial, Verdana complette
Real Pause on Banner Items – TimeLine
CPU Friendly / Max. Memory usage can be calculated
Captions / Layer Items like
Charachter, Word, Text, Image, Buttons (PNG, JPG , GIF)
Add Shadow, Glow, or many other Tween to the items easy via XML
Use 21 Main Transitions, 29 On Stage Transitions
Mix them and get unlimited amount of animations
Easy XML customizing

За русификацией и зеркалами в личку.

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