VisCorbel Creating V-Ray materials vol.2

VisCorbel Creating V-Ray materials vol.2

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Completion Time: 04 hrs. 41 min. | Genre: eLearning | Difficulty: Advanced
Language: English | Instructor: VisCorbel

Поскольку первый семинар был посвящен материалам для интерьера, на этот раз в этой серии VisCorbel сделал упор на экстерьере.

Since my first video was dedicated to interior related materials, this time I’m focusing on exteriors.

You will learn how to create exterior materials like:

- Road
- wet road
- pavement
- stone
- brick
- corrugated metal
- rusty metal
- tree bark / leaves / needles
- weathered planks
- curb
- concrete
- wire mesh / extended metal
- grass (displaced and geometric)
- swimming pool (water and tiles)

Using the techniques shown in this video you can create countless variations of these materials to suit your projects! This time I’m also showing how to render out UVW templates and paint custom maps for those special objects where simple tileable materials will not work. Displacement map creation from photos and from 3D geometry is also included.

VisCorbel Creating V-Ray materials vol.2

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Publisher: VisCorbel
Training Course: Creating V-Ray materials vol.2
Instructor: VisCorbel
Home: http://viscorbel.com/
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