Archetype VFX Breakdown: Lighting and Rendering Pipeline

Archetype VFX Breakdown: Lighting and Rendering Pipeline

Software Used: Nuke, Maya, V-ray, PTGui | Resolution: 1280x720(.mp4)
Audio: mp3 114 Kbps | Completion Time: 05 hrs. 17 min. | Genre: eLearning
Difficulty: Advanced | Language: English | Instructor: Robert Nederhorst

Видеоуроки от Robert Nederhors (руководитель VFX на Archetype) который поделится секретами всего процесса, начиная от создания HDRI, используя PTGui, и заканчивая окончательным композитом.

In this tutorial, Robert Nederhorst (VFX Supervisor on Archetype) shows the entire process on how a shot came to be. He starts at the beginning by creating an HDRI using PTGui and ends with a final composite. After constructing the HDRI, Rob moves into Maya for shader development and rendering, using VRay to output the various passes and layers for the shot. Once the plate is cleaned up and the 3D character has been color graded and integrated into the shot, he constructs a production "gizmo" to give the artists control over various attributes of the composite. Rob then applies the final touches, like atmospheric effects created using PhoenixFD, film flicker and grain, along with realistic camera shake, lens flares and lens distortion to create the most believable result.

Instructor: Robert Nederhorst

Rob Nederhorst started his career in visual effects in 1998 at Digital Domain where he worked on such feature films as Stealth, The Day after Tomorrow, Daredevil, Star Trek: Nemesis, We Were Soldiers, Vanilla Sky, Spy Kids, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, X-Men, Supernova, as well as dozens of commercials. He then served as a Visual Effects Supervisor at Sway Studios where he was nominated for a Best Compositing in a Commercial award by the Visual Effects Society for his work on a set of Djarum Mezzo commercials for Joseph Kosinski. In December 2008, Robert moved to the Santa Monica offices of ReelFX as visual effects Supervisor. He worked on projects for clients such as Sunny D, Toyota, Schiff, Fidelity, Ferrari, Paul Mitchell and a theatrical spot for Coke/AMC which is in theaters all across the USA and was nominated for a VES Award for Best Created Environment. He later left Radium/ReelFX for a Visual Effects Supervisor position at Svengali FX. At Svengali he worked on Iron Man 2, The Last Airbender, and Priest. Rob's current freelance Visual Effects Supervisor status has offered him work on Thor, Captain America, as well as serving as Stereographer on Spy Kids 4.

Archetype VFX Breakdown: Lighting and Rendering Pipeline

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Publisher: The Gnomon Workshop
Training Course: Archetype VFX Breakdown: Lighting and Rendering Pipeline
Instructor: Robert Nederhorst
Home: www.thegnomonworkshop.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
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