Photoshop for Photographers: Compositing

Photoshop for Photographers: Compositing

Описание: Discover the essential techniques to create composites from multiple photos using Adobe Photoshop. Author and photographer Chris Orwig demonstrates how to work around tricky exposure challenges, create stronger group photos, craft creative photo illustrations, and more. This course also covers multiple compositing scenarios, including portraits and architectural photos, and illustrates the process of selecting the images, blending photos with layer masks and blend modes, and resizing and sharpening the results. Along the way, Chris shares his insights for making photos look more dramatic and interesting.

Topics include:

* Combining facial expressions from two images
* Creating a better group portrait with Photomerge
* Removing a subject from the background
* Changing the scale of a subject
* Enhancing the color and tone of a composite image
* Masking together multiple exposures
* Filling in background gaps
* Correcting overexposure
* Replacing the sky in an image
* Creating reflections
* Building in shadows


Introduction 3m 11s
Welcome 58s
Using the exercise files 59s
Why create composites? 1m 14s
1. Combining Expressions 18m 3s
Combining the expressions from two images 6m 10s
Combining two frames to improve the overall image 7m 26s
Using Photomerge and masking to create a better group portrait 4m 27s
2. Adding a Subject to a New Environment 51m 55s
Combining two frames together with masking 6m 52s
Applying the finishing touches and making creative adjustments 7m 20s
Removing the subject from a location 5m 1s
Changing the scale of the subject 2m 26s
Creating realistic shadows 8m 0s
Adding a creative effect 6m 3s
Relocating the subject 4m 52s
Working on shadows and color 5m 6s
An inspirational sneak peek into the layered file of a compositing guru 6m 15s
3. Compositing to Improve Composition 51m 30s
Improving composition with symmetry 7m 11s
Cleaning up the details 6m 20s
Enhancing color and tone 5m 33s
Extending the background 6m 15s
Cleaning up and final adjustments 3m 33s
Masking together multiple exposures 5m 10s
Filling in the gaps in the background 6m 58s
Finishing the background 5m 51s
Making final adjustments 4m 39s
4. Combining Exposures in Architectural Photography 38m 26s
Painting in light 4m 54s
Brightening up the exposure 3m 40s
Adding interest by masking in exposure 4m 50s
Correcting overexposure 4m 53s
Correcting overexposure with Color Range 4m 57s
Adding candlelight and enhancing color and tone 6m 8s
Combining interior and exterior exposures of an office with windows 4m 38s
Masking in multiple light sources in an interior 4m 26s
5. Replacing the Sky in an Image 21m 39s
Combining two exposures for the foreground and sky 6m 2s
Filling an ordinary, plain blue sky with interesting clouds 6m 2s
Experimenting with different cloud options 4m 47s
Using advanced masking to create a more subtle look 4m 48s
6. Showing Frame-by-Frame Action in Sports 32m 52s
Blending a sequence of images together 9m 30s
Cropping and finishing the image sequence 4m 51s
Starting an action-sequence project 4m 16s
Building the background 4m 34s
Masking in the action 4m 48s
Cropping and finishing the image sequence 4m 53s
7. Creating an Imaginative Scene 1h 7m
Cleaning up the background 3m 50s
Cleaning up the light bulb 6m 29s
Adding the tree 7m 31s
Creating reflections 5m 22s
Sharpening and final adjustments 3m 19s
Masking the subject into the scene 4m 42s
Building shadows 6m 22s
Making final color and tone adjustments 4m 3s
Positioning the subject and adding rope 6m 47s
Connecting the rope to the can 5m 49s
Creating a reflection and shadows 6m 36s
Adding the final shadows and sharpening 6m 31s
Conclusion 47s
Goodbye 47s

Photoshop for Photographers: Compositing
Photoshop for Photographers: Compositing
Photoshop for Photographers: Compositing
Photoshop for Photographers: Compositing
Photoshop for Photographers: Compositing

Год: 2012
Производитель: Lynda
Автор: Chris Orwig
Продолжительность: 4:45 ч
Тип материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Файлы примеров: присутствуют
Формат видео: MOV
Видео: AVC 960x600 15fps ~350Kbps
Аудио: AAC 48kHz 1ch 96Kbps
Размер: 2.17 GB

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