Саксофон для влюблённых! (2009)

Саксофон для влюблённых! (2009)

Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Саксофон для влюблённых!
Год выпуска: 2009
Размер: 511 MB
Качество: 320 kbps
Жанр: Инструментальная

1. I'm in the mood for love
2. The nearness of you
3. That old devil called love
4. As time goes by
5. Tenderly
6. Always
7. Once in a while
8. A groovy kind of love
9. Laura скачать mp3
10. A nightingale sang in Berkeley square
11. Moon river
12. This time
13. Saving all my love for yo
14. Dreaming
15. Just for you
16. I wish you love

1. Just the way you are
2. It's impossible
3. Misty
4. You light up my life
5. Everlasting love
6. I love you because
7. Fly me to the moon
8. Secret love
9. Scarborough fair
10. Someone to watch over me
11. What are you doing the rest of your life?
12. Chanson d'amour
13. Where is the love
14. Walkin my baby back home
15. The very thought of you
16. Endless love

1. The wind beneath my wings
2. Killing me softly with his song
3. Hello again
4. Silky
5. Everything I own
6. How can I love her?
7. Sometimes when we touc
8. We've only just begun
9. If скачать mp3
10. Amazing grace
11. For the good times
12. You're the only good thing (That's happened to me)
13. For all we know
14. I cried for you
15. Unforgottable

1. I will always love you
2. Yesterday once more
3. Clouds
4. Laughter in the rain
5. Feelings
6. Jane скачать mp3
7. You make me feel brand new
8. Once in a lifetime
9. Love me tender
10. True love
11. Try to remember
12. When you wish upon a star
13. Arthur's theme
14. All the things you are
15. Until it's time for you to go
16. You're part of me

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