GraphicRiver - 65 Premium Actions Set 1329241

GraphicRiver - 65 Premium Actions Set 1329241

GraphicRiver - 65 Premium Actions Set 1329241 | 616 Kb
65 Premium Actions Set is a pack of professional Photoshop actions perfect for photographers and graphic designers. All they have been created with precise calibration adjustments to bring your images to life using powerful tools & professional methods.
FEATURES: Non-destructive actions (all actions keep untouched the original image) | Arranged (all layers are automatically arranged in a Group Folder) | Best results with one click | Combine actions (all actions are combinable to obtain more than 65 effects. You’ll find the instructions in the PDF Help File) | Make changes (most of the actions has been created using “Adjustments layers” which gives you the chance to change the values in your own way)

B&W – Classic
B&W – Medium Contrast
B&W – High Contrast
B&W – Ultra Contrast
B&W Pro
B&W Pro – Strong Sharpness
Camera – Lomo LC-A
Camera – Holga Color
Camera – Holga B&W
Camera – Diana
Camera – Polaroid
Contrast – Soft
Contrast – Medium
Contrast – High
Correction – Light
Correction – Color
Correction – Light & Color
Cross Processing C-41 in E-6
Cross Processing E-6 in C-41
Effect – Old
Effect – Dragan
Effect – Gritty
Effect – Orton
Effect – Dave Hill
Effect – Velvia
Effect – Bleach Bypass
Effect – Infrared
Effect – Glow
Enhance Midtone Contrast – Soft
Enhance Midtone Contrast – Medium
Enhance Midtone Contrast – High
Enhance Local Contrast – Clarity
Enhance Midtone Contrast Pro – Luminosity Mask
HDR – High Pass
HDR – Gamma
HDR – Strong
HDR – Grunge
HDR Pro – 3 Exposures
Light Leak – Sunlight
Light Leak – Multiple Leaks
Light Leak – End of the Film
Light Leak – Changing Hue
Light Leak – Dual Temperature
Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction – Strong / 3 Channels
Sharpness – Soft
Sharpness – Medium
Sharpness – Strong
Sharpness & Contrast
Sharpness – High Pass
Toning – Sepia
Toning – Silver
Toning – Cyanotype
Toning – Selenium
Toning – Split / Warm
Toning – Split / Cold
Vintage – Balanced Saturation
Vintage – High Contrast / Green Boost
Vintage – Desaturate / Red Boost
Vintage – Desaturate / Blue Boost
Vintage – Desaturate / Green Toning
Vintage – Desaturate / Hue Variation
Vintage – Lomo Effect
Vintage – Ultra Red Contrast


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