Avid Media Composer/Symphony 6.0.3

Avid Media Composer/Symphony 6.0.3

Ожидаемый Avid Media Composer 6.0.3, Avid Media Symphony 6.0.3 релизы теперь доступны. Как всегда, пожалуйста внимательно читайте документы изменений, а также список исправленных багов.

The much anticipated Avid Media Composer 6.0.3, Avid Media Symphony 6.0.3 releases are now available. This releases has a ton of bug fixes. As always, please peruse the Read Me docs for a list of fixes and also for a list of bugs fixed.

What is Media Composer 6?

Media Composer is the top choice for professional film and video editing in the industry. Whether you edit movies, TV shows, commercials, or other video, this industry-standard nonlinear editor provides 64-bit performance, easy-to-use video editing tools, and streamlined HD, file-based, and stereo 3D workflows. Its open platform enables you to work with the gear you have or want and integrate into any workflow. Plus, it’s designed to eliminate bottlenecks, enabling you to work faster than ever.

What is Symphony 6?

Symphony 6 video editing software has the same features, tools, and workflows as Media Composer—plus advanced color correction, Boris Continuum Complete, and Universal Mastering tools. Available as a software-only solution or as part of two hardware bundles, Symphony provides you with a full suite of editorial and advanced tools to boost your capabilities.

More information on the 6.0.3 maintenance releases can be found in the: this

About Avid

From the most prestigious, award-winning productions, to music and movies made at home, Avid creates the technology that people use to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world. The shows, commercials, and news programs you watch on TV. The entertaining video and film stories you see on the web and on the big screen. The personal audio and video treasures that people make at home to preserve their favorite moments in life.

Our innovative digital audio and video solutions continue to revolutionize the art of creative storytelling, and have earned us hundreds of awards, including 2 Oscar statuettes, a Grammy, and 14 Emmys.

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Name: Avid Media Composer & Avid Media Symphony
Version: 6.0.3 64bit
Home: www.avid.com
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows Seven Pro Service Pack 1.0 64bit
Size: 6.1 Gb

Special Thanks Team V.R

Note: The Windows full installer is for those who do not currently have Media Composer/Symphony 6.0.1 currently installed. If you currently have 6.0.1 installed, use the 6.0.3 update installer instead.

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