TotalCode Professional 4.5

TotalCode Professional 4.5

TotalCode Professional является одним из наиболее полных решением в мире, для профессионального видеокодирования для multi-format delivery, в том числе UltraViolet, DVD и Blu-ray Disc.

TotalCode Professional is one of the world's most comprehensive professional video encoding solutions for multi-format delivery, including UltraViolet, DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Used by leading Hollywood production facilities, TotalCode Professional features stunning, cinematic-quality encoding; advanced segment re-encoding; UltraViolet CFF support; support for all four Blu-ray Disc video codecs; unparalleled parameter control and stream legalization; built-in video processing from Digital Vision; exclusive ExpressQC and StreamData™ encoding technologies; and network distributed encoding.

A mastering-level encoding system, TotalCode Professional is designed to meet the stringent image quality demands of major motion picture studios and high end compression and authoring facilities. While many encoding solutions are finished after simply processing a file, TotalCode Professional takes encoding for digital delivery to a whole new level. After the initial encode has completed, advanced re-encoding tools can be used to fine-tune and optimize the finished product for the available bandwidth.

Built as a scalable platform that can grow with your business, TotalCode Professional offers unsurpassed visual quality, detailed control and powerful plug-in enhancements. An easy-to-use interface plus a highly efficient workflow make TotalCode Professional an ideal encoder for demanding production environments.

What’s new in TotalCode Professional 4.5

TotalCode Professional 4.5 includes the following new features and enhancement:

- UltraViolet Support – Encode SD and HD UltraViolet streams using UltraViolet’s Common File Format (CFF) and export compliant UVU files that include UltraViolet metadata.
- Re-encode TotalCode Enterprise Streams – Connect to a TotalCode Enterprise server and open compatible streams for fine-tuning using TotalCode Professional’s mastering-level QC and segment re-encoding toolset.
- Built-in Resolution Scaling – Encode to multiple resolutions using a single source file.
- Enhanced Encoding Quality and Parameter Control – Leveraging the latest MainConcept codec technology, version 4.5 features an updated encoding engine that delivers enhanced encoding quality and additional encoding controls.
- Increased Output Format Templates – Quickly set-up encodes for popular formats using a new library of pre-installed templates for formats such as HTML5, Adobe Flash, Silverlight, Apple iOS, PSP and 3GP.

TotalCode Professional 4.5 includes the following resolved issues and known issues:

About Rovi Corporation

Rovi Corporation is a global leader in digital entertainment technology solutions, powering the creation, distribution, discovery, and enjoyment of entertainment at home or on the go.

We are revolutionizing the entertainment landscape with an extensive platform of products and services for consumer electronics manufacturers, service providers, studios, retailers and portals, advertisers, mobile carriers, and STB manufacturers.

These customers use our offerings - guidance technology, entertainment data, video production tools, video delivery platforms, content protection, content networking and advertising technologies, and media playback solutions - to bring consumers unique and exciting entertainment experiences anywhere.

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Name: TotalCode Professional
Version: 4.5
Home: http://rovicorp.com/
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Seven
Size: 308.5 mb

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