CodeCanyon - TouchTooltip

CodeCanyon - TouchTooltip

CodeCanyon - TouchTooltip | 111 KB

- Touch devices support: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android;
- Pure CSS tooltips with fallback;
- Easy to apply: just add class “ApplyTooltip” and fill title attribute;
- 4 customizable sizes;
- 8 positions;
- 6 gradient style themes (even in IE7);
- 13 Metro style themes from original guide lines;
- Any HTML content with any CSS can be placed into TouchTooltip;
- Easy to customize (for example: you need change only 3 values to create new gradient style theme);
- Sass + Compass sources to customize everything;
- Extends self functionality by javascript;
- Lifetime support and updates;
- Highly simple step-by-step manual.


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