Portable The GodFather

Portable The GodFather

Portable The GodFather|All Windows(x32/x64) |rar|7.6 mb

GodFather — Программа для работы с МР3 файлами.
Portable The GodFather

The GodFather — сканирует указанные папки или диски на присутствие МР3 файлов и, в случае необходимости, предлагает привнести изменения в тэги музыкальных файлов. Утилита обладает интеллектуальной системой переименования музыкальных файлов, присущей не многим коммерческим проектам. Помимо этого, следует пометить такую функцию программы, как перекодирование мультимедиа файлов с использованием самых последних и качественных библиотек (в программе используется кодек L.A.M.E).
Portable The GodFather
Portable The GodFather
Portable The GodFather
Portable The GodFather
Portable The GodFather
Portable The GodFather

Особенностями данного программного обеспечения являются:
поддержка тегов ID3v1 и ID3v2,
полная помощь APEv2,
поиск повторяющихся музыкальных файлов на жёстком диске компьютера и другие.
Эту утилиту можно применять как мультимедиа органайзер.
В этом плане она позволяет каталогизировать все музыкальные файлы по исполнителям, указанным в тегах.
Portable The GodFather


Batch rename of files using Tag/Filename/Folder name/Audio file information.
-User defined Formats using Tag fields, File/Folder name or Tokens, Mpeg bitrate/mode as variables.
-Powerful case conversion including custom case and all the options you would ever want.
-Replacement matrix. (remove unwanted characters or words or replace them. User defined matrix)
-Smart filters enable you to have only the files that are potentially wrong listed for renaming.
-Further refine your list to be processed by marking files to be skipped or ever edit the end result your self.
-Undo function.
Batch Tag update:
-Supports both ID3v1 & ID3v2 up to date versions.
-Supports Ogg Vorbis comments.
-Supports APEv2 tags.
-Supports MP4 tags.
-Select specific fields to be updated.
-Use File/Folder tokens, Tag variables to create tag information.
-Filter files by the existence of tags or even by the existence of specific fields.
-Update either Tag or all of them.
-Option to clear specific fields.
-Option to skip non empty fields.
-Use the case options.
-Use of the replacement matrix.
-Update tags by copying/moving or auto synchronizing one to the other.
-Delete all Tags or either one of them.
-Batch process of pictures/lyrics (export, delete or both).
-Complete control trough the update process.
-Easily create/merge play lists with preview support or simply find and listen to your favorite music.
-Encode/decode your files with LAME,Ogg Vorbis or mpcenc. (trans code with out losing tag information from one format to the other)
-Restructure the files on your hard disk ( copy,move or even create shortcuts ) in new user defined location based on Tag field information.
-Find duplicate files using smart and aggressive detection.
-Export files in delimited, fixed length format, Simple HTML or multiple pages using user defined templates.
-Import information from delimited files to rename and.or update your files, customized mapping to columns.
Album/filename rename & update various online sources:
-Disk ID generated from the files in the folder or usage of the original CD-ROM supported.
-Album/Artist filter.
-Single track query.
-Use album art and/or full comments, credits, tones, styles, composer
-"Various artists" album support.
-Auto sort according to duration.
-Auto match according to Tag/Filename.
-Edit the results and preview changes.
-Rename and or update files at batch or one by one.
-Amazon grabber.
-Custom web sites parsing.
Catalog your files in a powerful library.
-Store cover art and up to 4 pictures per album.
-Store detailed info for each artist like bio, and misc other info, pictures etc.
-Use allmusic to retrieve the above data effortlessly.
-Powerful user defined tree views.
-Persistent user queries with random record retrieval, prompted values etc.
-Hierarchical play lists.
-Export to xls, HTML, play list files.
-Very fast with 1000's of files.
-Custom file filtering using Tag fields/bitrate. ( multiple user defined filters are supported with and/or functionality, Wildcard support , sounds like ~ support).
-Search in local or network locations.
-File mask support including wildcards (*?).
-Sub folder support.
-Custom colors to easily spot files according to Tag existence or Bitrate.
-Smart ID3 Tag detection in case of both being present.
-User defined ID3v2 padding size.
-Supports ID3v2 compressed frames.
-Language files support
-Extend program functionality with scripts.
Portable The GodFather

Сайт программы http://www.jtclipper.eu
System Requirements
IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)
Windows XP SP2
Windows Vista all SP
Windows 7
Language Multilanguage(Russian)

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