ActiveDen - One by One Banner

ActiveDen - One by One Banner

ActiveDen - One by One Banner | 60,8 MB

You can customize each part of the banner(separate image, text) easily via xml.
Features include
- Driven by pure AS3 document class.
- XML driven content, optional XML location, you can customize your own rotator with a simple text editor.
- Optional auto delay slideshow, you can turn on/off it via xml.
- Optional button color.
- You can customize each image’s link and position via xml.
- You can customize each text’s width, color, size, link and position via xml.
- Self componented, so you can load it to another swf.
- Resizeable images, support portrait and landscape.
- Unlimited rotator can be displayed.
- Images support many file type: jpg, png, gif and basic swf animation.
- FAQ , the .as and .fla files are included in the source package.


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